Please help! Button not being placed correctly

Hi, simple yet infuriating. I’m trying to make some buttons appear just above my repeating table as headers for what the data is below it, for some reason though the button won’t go where I’m telling it too.

This is what I see when developing it;

And this is the actual preview I see;

Any help would be amazing! Thankyouuu!

I know responsiveness is frustrating. I have a few videos on my site that talk about it. I have gotten pretty good over the years now. It just takes time. :blush:

You have to make everything line up exactly as a header and the data in the repeating group. Exact, to the pixel, and each have the same minimum and maximum widths, or fixed. Otherwise things will not line up. Is that what you are talking about?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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