Repeating Group Element Misalignment Caused by changes in "Style"

Hey Everyone,

I seem to have encountered a formatting issue when I place buttons, and texts inside a repeating group and was just wondering if anyone else was having a similar issue?

Whats happening is that when I put a button and text element inside a repeating group, they move to different places when I “Preview the app”. I’ve tried resizing the button and texts, but it seems that the problem goes away when I change the style of the repeating group from “Solid” Borders to “No” borders.

I have made a similar box with another app where I have buttons and texts and input elements inside a repeating group with a bordered style, but I didn’t have the formatting problem back then.

Thanks in advance!

mess around with responsive settings, if you want them side by side group them together set alignment left, then set text align left and button alignment right :white_check_mark:

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Ohhhhh that totally worked!


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