Please help me someone - Application System

Hello there, I am Measlystorm Network, I am creating a Application System for the community to use. Basically here is my idea I would like to share with you.

So here goes, I try to explain the best way I can, I have gone through the tutorials but dint really help me alot on this side. Anyways what I’m trying to do is to have a set of questions that will show up, depending on the application id/name, so user inputs the ID then shows that corresponding data/questions.

Once that user has filled it out the answers will get saved to database, then say a staff member can access them answers and accept or deny the person, for that application. Once upon acceptance they will be assigned to that role, I’m also implicating a Username ID to the person once they sign up, so it makes things easier for promoting them on app-system.

So what I need help with is the data side of things I have made my application set to public at present, as this is still WIP. If some one could explain to me the procedure for me or do at least 1 application in workflow, so I can physically see how it works that be most helpful!

Above is where you can view and edit to see what I have done so far. I couldn’t find any application/forum based templates anywhere, not to mention plugins lma unless im missing something.

Anyways I have attached some images below to show you what im on about so far.

Screenshot_1 !


Thank you in advance.