Clear tutorial for application form, What am I doing wrong?

Hello there, can someone post a tutorial or video link, that shows how to make a application form, and view the results? I tried various methods create a new data thing, or make changes
and for some reason it wont work?

Can some one help me please? I asked before but had no replys? I dont know why? (Edit Link)


This is what I have so far…What am i doing wrong?

PS I am trying to view results on admin side so they can see the inputs from the user. I thought it be a repeating group but not sure?

You need to go into settings, and make you app public before we can see it.

ah thought it was! lol

Fixed sorry.

You don’t need a repeating group for Current User’s data. Just use a simple group. If you do want it like this then it should be:

Do a search for users:first item - email = Current User’s email

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Check the result here

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Ah thank you ever so much! Now I can do it! Thank you!

Sorry if i dint explain things all that well, find things like that hard.

Thank you once again for helping.

Thanks ever so much for that! It was driving me nuts lmao. Sorry if I dint explain things clearly.

No worries. I suggest you to focus on the tutorials offered by Bubble. I’m not a fan of following tutorials but it will be a huge timesaver in the end.

Yeah I tried them still get confused.

I see. Well if you have questions just leave a comment here.

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