Please offer a data table element

I understand what @jose.velez is saying and if you have used tools such as ‘AwareIm’ then you understand particularly when it comes to large data tables. The closest thing in bubble is the DataTables plugin, but it is limited in what you can do with it. I have that plugin and would like to see more options to add more action (such as the current download option) such as initiate any workflows for a record from an actions column for custom icons/controls hint hint @levon (something you can add in repeating groups). Maybe there is a way of doing this, but haven’t found it.

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The currently available plugin (to be frank) just does not cut it. Grid functionality like what I referred to in the link above (the angular grid) is absolutely essential to any application that deals with data, and being expected to re-create this is just absurd.

Thanks for the ideas, @StevenM we’ll consider them

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Thanks @levon all I can ask.

It might just be a column drop down (last column) where you can add drop down actions which we can define in the workflow and on selecting it activates a work-flow - such as change for that record or duplicate activate some other workflow etc etc…

@levon, some good examples here


DevExtreme has a really cool data grid component avaiable in jQuery or React with a TON of features – not sure if React is something we can use with Bubble.




@jose.velez We hear you and more Excel type grid interface is a popular request. As others on this thread have mentioned there are plugins for that but we understand your need for an official solution


Is that confirmation that you will add it to the roadmap? If so…are you open to suggestions?

At least a tutorial on how to create a table using a repeating group! I’m dying here trying to figure things out :expressionless:


Sorry for the noob question, but how hard would it be for a bubble plug-in developer like @ZeroqodeTeam to build a plug-in that would bring Angular UI grid functionality into Bubble? I have a client who sees the value of Bubble, but the SAAS they’re building relies heavily on data tables - so like @jose.velez , they absolutely require that functionality. Their tool utilizes a grid tool called Infragistics.

Maybe talk to @Thimo

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It is crazy to see reactions on this topic. Bubble does not provide one of the most common element in a webpage, a table.

Literally every app i have worked on has bunch of tables and it s pain to work with. Yes you can build them with RGs but then you have to worry about responsiveness, horizontal space problems, reference issues with reusable elements etc.

If you want to download the data from table, get inputs from users or do anything unusual, good luck with that.

I am not sure why bubble does not provide solution for this. Maybe they want to maintain the high learning curve so the other stakeholders - agencies and developers - can continue supporting the platform.