Please tell me about a "custom state"

Please tell me about a “custom state”.

The data in “Repeating Group” have Field of the status.

I filter indication in “Repeating Group” with the status and want to change the indication.

The status allows you to register with “optional set”, and there are 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, cancellation.

The "Repeating Group"is nested so, I wanted to change the indication in “custom state”.

I think whether indication is replaced if I operate a custom state so that it is said with the status that the custom state on the list contains in filltered in Do a Search for as I set it.

As a question,
①Is the data display automatically replaced in “Repeating Group” nested by the change of the custom state?

②Please tell me how to change custom states.
I want to change indication whether it thinks about the operation of the user to want to do it, and there is check box every status, and you check it.

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