Custom state inside a repeating group

Hey Bubblers,

I created a custom state inside a group, which is itself inside a repeating group. I planned to change this custom state, when a button on the home page is clicked. But I cannot choose this custom state from a workflow of an element on the homepage.

Is there somehow a workaround for this? Or do I have to restructure my whole application?

In the repeating group there is basically a list of text, which the user can create via an input field. In the next step, I want the user to prioritize each text. For that reason I created 3 boxes inside a repeating group, which represent the priorities (red, orange and blue). When the user clicks one of those boxes, the value of the box he clicked should be linked to the text inside that cell, so I can create a data base entry which both of these parameters (text and prioritiy).

Did you ever find a solution to this? I am facing a similar problem. I want to clear a custom state on a check box item that is in each cell of a repeating group. I want to reset the custom state each time there is a refresh of the repeating group with new data but I cannot find a way to do this through a workflow. Can you help?