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Pls need help.... serious isssue....Integration bubble app with

Hi pls need help…serious issue…i am at an edge…

How can I connect my Typeform with my app…
I have used the plugin but I don’t know how to set it up…
The main thing that i want is to save the Typeform responses in my DB.

I don’t know how to set that up using plugin

And also I have tried using API connector but got confused to fill up the Api connector field like which field is to be filled and how can I get the details to fill in the Api connector field

After that how will I able to save the responses to my DB.

Need help… Literary going crazy here



The Typeform API is very robust and very well documented. Pretty easy to connect with once you learn the ropes on how API calls work. Assuming of course having a fair grasp of database modeling.

Below a few videos that could help :grinning:

Hi @cmarchan
Thanks for the videos
I got pretty good insights about APIs and there function
I understand how it works
But in my case in tried to do for Typeform but it shows me Authentication error
Can you pls also help me What are the field in Api connector plugin should be filled and
Which field should be filled with what data in the plugin is only thing left to know
I know how to get the data from Typeform Doc
Can you pls walk me through Which field is important for Typeform with what data?

Or how can Typeform be integrated with using webhook
I have created webhook in my type form account it showing some error but I dnt know how to trigger in bubble to connect the webhook of typeform
pls help @gaby @JohnMark

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