[Plugin] A New Era in Bubble: The Plotly Charts, the First Ever Intelligent Bubble Plugin! 🤖

Following your first recommendation I added the condition to check the label on the Javascript Expression, it would use the code to generate one trace if no label is selected and the code to generate multiple traces when the label is selected. Still not working.

The main/base scatter module output is already being inserted into the Javascript as a variable called “traceConfig”, as shown in the video, this scatter doesn’t have X or Y values, I add them to the “Javascript Trace/s” according to the selected values on the dropdown. I’ll leave a picture of my Scatter - Base Element attached, the mode, name and text position are the only configurations used in this Element.

Please, I’ll be happy to check how to create what we want or at least get a hint on how to, you can use this email address: samuel@savvyskills.io

Thanks for the reply.

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Hey @samuel98,
I have sent you an admin invitation to a template that replicates our live demo. Have you received the invitation email?

Please review it. We employ the Plot Mate element and have constructed a user interface akin to the bubble editor. However, you can apply the same approach to create your own chart builder.

Concerning the current issue, it appears that when labels are removed, Plotter updates the first trace, which is Markers, and retains the others until a label is reintroduced. By conditions, I refer to the differences in conditions being the Label's value, ensuring that the X and Y dropdowns share the same criteria under both conditions.

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I checked for a little bit the “live demo” template, it seems you use actions and plotmate to add traces, could be a little troublesome when adding multiple traces in one action using that approach tho, still good to know there’s different ways to customize the plots.

I don’t really get what you’re asking me to do, if you could elaborate a little bit further that’d be awesome.
There are two conditions on the Javascript Expression and the only difference between the two is if “Label’s value” is empty, remember that the Bubble JS Expressions are evaluated when any referenced dynamic value is updated and as shown in the video; the text that contains the traces information is updated accordingly, is the plotter the one that holds old values. Should I add a conditional on the plotter instead? Excuse me for not understanding and thanks for the reply.

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You are right; this method may not be the best practice for your current situation. However, I mentioned it because I believe you might incorporate chart-building features into your application in the future.

It might be a solution; we actually need to conduct some trials and errors.

Indeed, I’ve reviewed the Plotter data, and it’s accurate that the plotter fails to update correctly. The issue arises specifically when the label’s value is empty.

It seems, it does update on its own, but only by replacing the first trace, a problem that does not occur when altering the label’s value to one with fewer traces. :thinking:

Hey, it’s not clear if you’ll work on a solution or we just hit a wall with the plugin? Let us know.


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Hey @sergio.chw

As I lack access to the application and you’re utilizing custom code, I’m attempting to identify the correct solution through trial and error.

Should I gain access to the application or a demo that mirrors current setup, I would undertake these steps independently, and if the issue lies within the plugin, I would be able to detect and rectify it.

I appreciate your patience and understanding; rest assured, I am committed to resolving this issue to the best of my ability.

If I were in your position, I would utilize the bubble ‘format as text’ feature to construct the traces and apply conditions to the plotter element.

Hey @NoCodeDataArtisan, right now our current circumstances don’t allow us to give you access to the application. Do you think its possible to Setup a new page with the plugin, add me as a collaborator so I can mirror a similar case?
Already have access to the other page but I won’t touch anything on it till authorized.

Happy to know you’re into this, and let me know how can we work on this to resolve it asap.

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Certainly, feel free to adjust the template I provided by adding new pages, new data types, and any other modifications required.

Thank you for your cooperation; I am optimistic that we will resolve this issue promptly.

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Hey, we’re happy to hear you’re with us on this.
I created a little example that I think will help you debug this problem as the interactions are the same…

I’m using the JS2Bubble plugin to load the data as a bubble thing, this time and to check it wasn’t the plugin or javascript causing the problem; I did this hardcoded example where you only have the mpg column as our X’s, horsepower column as our Y’s and the origin column as the label/group. I also created the scatter/trace elements on the page and used its module outputs in the chartplotter.
Using the single trace when no label is selected.

Using the module outputs from each scatter separated by commas when the label is selected.
The result:

When you unselect the label, the plotter still holds the previous traces.

The page name is plotly-test.

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Thank you for your excellent cooperation and for informing us about this issue. I have been working on it and, fortunately, I identified the problem and resolved it within the plugin. The plugin has been updated on our demo, and it is functioning properly.

Please proceed to update the plugin on your main application, test it, and inform me of the outcome. Rest assured, we are always available to assist you with any issues or challenges that may arise as you use your remarkable application.


Thank you for your help, I’ve tested a little bit and it seems to be working like a charm even with our traces coming from the Expression Element.
Will be reaching if any issue arises.


Hey @NoCodeDataArtisan, hope you’re good.
Any possibility of adding a feature to save/upload the image from a plot to bubble through an action or something? We want our users to keep track of any important plot they might have made and this would be a nice feature to have.
I know that plotly has a method to get the static image toImage() from a plot so, that could be a placeto start. Please let me know your thoughts and whether this is possible.

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Hello @samuel98,
Thank you, I trust you’re doing well too.

Certainly, since you’ve indicated that this feature is available in Plotly, we can incorporate it into the plugin. I’ll work on it over the next few days and update you accordingly.

Thank you for your contribution to enhancing the plugin.

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