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🚀 [PLUGIN] Advanced iframe / Embed website

We’ve just released small but powerful plugin - iframe element for Bubble :rocket: This is probably the most advanced and also very simple to use iframe plugin for Bubble.

An iframe element allows to embed an external website into your Bubble app.

:fire: Some features:

  • Change the url dynamically without page reloads
  • Show / hide embedded website’s scroll bar
  • Use the “sandbox” attribute control to securely embed external pages (allow-downloads, allow-popups, allow-same-origin etc). Recommended for advanced users
  • Setting of the title, id, class attributes

Please note that some websites disable the ability to be shown in an iframe on an external website. As a quick example, you can’t render in your iframe.

:link: Demo | Editor
:link: Here is another demo of a fullscreen iframe: Demo | Editor

:link: Plugin page:

:books: Full Description, Documentation & Screenshots:


Advanced iframe v 1.1.0 released!

In this version we added Fullscreen mode.

It renders fullscreen iframes on any screen/device size

Advanced iframe v1.2.0 released!

  • Added new field “Do not show alerts”: it removes the default plugin alert popups (when the provided URL is not correct).
  • Added new event “Incorrect URL”

These changes allows you to build a custom error handling (show an error message in a different language etc)!

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Hello! I’m having trouble integration and Slack on this plugin. It just breaks the page not giving me any error or something. How can I troubleshoot it?

Hi @gabriel3 !
Could you please send me the url you are trying to display in the iframe? Or maybe your Bubble app url?
It will help me to understand better the issue

For example, this one:

Thanks, it looks like it’s a Slack link, not ?

First off, your plug in was among the best plug in purchases I’ve made for my app. I do have a request/suggestion, however. A conditional workflow event that recieves information dynamically from the embedded url (for example, “”; along with that, the ability to use the extracted information to add to “things”.

Would be a huge help especially for what I’m working on, and I’m sure others would be able to make a great use of this.

Thank you!

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Thank you for your warm feedback!!

As far I understand, you want to trigger a workflow in your main app from the embedded url? If so, I do not think it’s technically possible :frowning:

As long as you can pass the URL and any updates to it from the iframe back to the plug-in, it’s super easy to have it then fire an event if that custom keyword is found

Another feature request that would be incredible is the ability to set the dimensions of the iframe; specific use case I’m looking to do is pull width and height from a database entry; the goal would be to ensure that if the size given to the iframe changes, the iframe updates to reflect the change

For security reasons, you can only get the url for as long as the contents of the iframe, and the referencing javascript, are served from the same domain. Source.
So I’m afraid it won’t be really useful…

This could be pretty useful! I’m going to put it into my features list, thanks!

Advanced iframe v1.3.1 released! :tada:

  • YouTube mode to embed URL of a YouTube video
  • Set iframe’s width/height dynamically
  • Improved fields documentation

@BubbleSam looks like this will help my case. Thanks for creating this. I just have a question.

I noticed the “Fullscreen” check box:

Can this be set conditionally or on button click? Similar to the Squarespace editor, how it expands to take up the entire page?


Hi @mihira , thank you for your interest in our plugin!
Unfortunately, this is the static field but thank you for the idea. Probably I will make it dynamic in the next release!

So far you can use the Set Size action to change the iframe dynamically

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Awesome! Thanks for considering this.

Hi @BubbleSam – it appears that the Advanced iframe plugin is blocking the embedded website’s access to the microphone. I’m happy to DM screenshots and console logs to assist with debugging.

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Hi there @gate56holdings ,

Thanks for reporting this!
I received your email yesterday. I’ll check it out ASAP but honestly I’m not sure it will be possible to fix… It doesn’t seem to be an extension bug but this is how this website works in an iframe…

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Hi @BubbleSam - I ran one test with this site (Twilio Flex) embedded as an iframe on a non-Bubble site and the microphone worked fine. I ran a second test using the same embedded site (Twilio Flex) on a Bubble site using Bubble’s default html element with ‘Display as iframe’ checked (src=“” allow=“microphone”) and the microphone also worked fine. I ran a third test that was the same as the second, but omitted the ‘allow’ attribute from the iframe and the microphone was blocked. Therefore, it seems like the solution may be related to exposing the ‘allow’ attribute just like you do for ‘sandbox’. Any updates from your side? Any data or logging you need me to share?

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Hi @gate56holdings , Thank you for all the provided details. That’s awesome!
I’m going to look into it ASAP!