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πŸš€ [PLUGIN] Advanced iframe / Embed website

Love the plugin and everything is working great! Is there any way for a Bubble app (parent container) page to know when the URL changes within the advanced iframe? The content within the advanced iframe is my own, from another Web server, but I need to know when the URL changes within the iframe so that the Bubble app can move on to perform other workflow tasks, such as show other form buttons.

Unfortunately that’s not possible due to security reasons

Hey! How can we make the iframe cover the whole group area instead of going full screen? That way it doesn’t over lap on our menu sidebar.

Hi there,

I think you need to play with Z-index (probably using custom css).

Hello again,

I have been experiencing some issue with your plugin in respect of the scrollbars.
When i place the Iframe in the screen i see 2 scrollbars, one of the iframe and one of the original page. Any way to solve this problem?



This is probably because the iframe is too big to be rendered without a scrollbar?

You can also add custom css, something like:

.scroll_div {
  -ms-overflow-style: none; /* for Internet Explorer, Edge */
  scrollbar-width: none; /* for Firefox */
  overflow-y: scroll; 

.scroll_div::-webkit-scrollbar {
  display: none; /* for Chrome, Safari, and Opera */


What causes the trigger when there’s a error with the iframed website? If I want to close the iframe when a form is complete, I guess I can redirect to a invalid website?


Your plugin allows to set the size.
Is it possible to have a advanced resizing features to crop the top 100 px for exemple (to hide the website nav bar) ?
Hope i am clear


Hi there,
You can try to use custom JavaScript, here’s an example:

Note that this approach will not probably work if the pages are not on the same domain.

I’m building a bubble app that requires a user to add a code to their website. Just like Intercom, Drift, Klaviyo and other software that require the website admin to add a piece of code to their website for it to work.

Can I do that with your Plugin?

Thank you