Plugin Analytics

Hey all :wave:

I’m building a little tool to help fellow plugin developers get insight into their sales.

It simply parses those transactional emails we get from Bubble when someone buys, subscribes, or cancels a plugin.

From those emails the tool will capture:

  • transaction date and time
  • plugin name
  • sales price / monthly subscription value
  • cancellations

and will summarise it all in a nifty dashboard as well as expose the records via API if you want to use in your own system.

I’m wondering if / how you guys currently track these metrics?

Any and all comments welcome!

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Well, I just asked Bubble team for that kind of stuff a few weeks ago. That’s definitely a pain point. No, I don’t have a good way of tracking that.

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Thanks for the input Vini :slightly_smiling_face: Yeah I’m sure they’ll get to it at some point but doubt it’s a priority.

Me too :sleepy:
So many things I and others asked already…

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That sounds great !

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