[Plugin Announcement]: Add to calendar button (google, apple...) - no oAUTH required - and ics files for meeting invitations

Hi @elian I have 2 questions regarding your plug in :

  • Im using postmark as email send on my bubble app, will it work ? ( I guess yes, but i just want to check)
  • Second : My use case is as follow : as a user, i can create a meeting date for a customer (the user will receive an email with the meeting informations and the .ICS file on the email to add the meeting on its calendar. Question : Frequently, the meetings are cancelled or updated → How is it working when we talk about updating a meeting on the ICS files ? is it doable ? or do i have to cancel, then create a new meeting ? Thanks !

Hi @Alter345 : I do not have a detailed knowledge of Postmark, but I am sure they can handle attachements, including ics files.
Regarding meeting updates or cancellations, I am afraid that this is not possible with this plugin.
For such use cases, I think that the only solution is to access your users’ google calendar, or outlook calendar…

@elian hope all is well! Not sure if this is due to the responsive engine or Firefox but even in your demo app I was not able to use the ical button on Firefox mobile on iOS. Clicking the button runs a workflow but nothing happens. I’ll send a video if you’d like? Is this a known issue?

Hi @vincent.l.arena , sorry for the late reply!
Did you try with the new responsive engine ? (see demo page: https://add-to-cal-demo.bubbleapps.io/version-test/calendar_events_new)
Because everything seems to work fine on my android phone…

Hi @elian,

although the file is generated, and the link works (verified by debugger), it is not showing up in the attachment of the email (the email sent has no attachment), is there a fix for that?

Hi @repomtaiwan , may I ask which tool you are using to send your emails ?
Indeed some email plugins require the file in a base64 format instead of the file URL.
In this case, instead of using “This invitation creator’s ics_file_uploaded”, you should use “This invitation creator’s ics_file_base64” in the “file” field of your email action.
Hope this helps !

Hi @elian thx for the response, it’s working well for me now. However, using Google calendar, the “location” doesn’t show up, is there an issue in the backend? It works for Outlook and other options.

Hi @repomtaiwan : I have re-run tests on our latest plugin version and the location does show up in Google calendar (see demo here: https://add-to-cal-demo.bubbleapps.io/version-test/calendar_events_new) .
And I have never received any other notification about this issue.
Could you please send me DM with a link where I can test your app ? This would help me understand what happens in your case.

Hey @elian ! Thank you for your plugin! I have one question, I want to create a isc with auto accepting feature, set it as yes, changed email header so it looks like this:

Content-Type: text/calendar; charset=utf-8; method=REQUEST; name=invitation.ics
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=invitation.ics

however it didn’t work, I still have to click “add to calendar” button so to see the event there. I compared my event header with the another website’s that actually adds events to my calendar, they are the same so my assumption is that there might be something in the plugin’s settings. Do you know what it might be?

Hi @dariacherniakk , from what I know it is not possible toi create ics files with auto-accepting features without having a connection to the user’s calendar. So not possible with my plugin, which works without oAuth…

@elian Did something change / break with the upload action? The workflow was working as expected previously and I didn’t change anything in my app but I’m now running into an error with the Uploader - Upload a file action. I get an error “bad request from client”

It also only appears to happen on the live site, not version-test, but the versions are in sync.


Any thoughts on what the issue might be?

Hi @pdon, could you please let me know which plugin you are using to upload the ics file ? I do not remember creating an uploader plugin and there is no such action in the “Add to calendar” plugin, as the plugin automatically uploads the file into your Bubble app, so no need for this additional step.
I would recommend that you directly use the file uploaded by the plugi instead of using this additional step.
Just get the URL from ics_file_uploaded resulting form the plugin.

I’m using this plugin:

The plugin has these actions:

The install instructions show this:

I have my own form for creating the event details.

Let me know if I’m missing something…

Oh OK, sorry, I wrote this more than 3 years ago and forgot about it!
Since then I have added the ics_file_uploaded in the plugin, so no need to re-upload it.
In your second workflow you can just grab the “Invitation creator’s - ics_file_uploaded” and that’s all you need !
You can remove the uploader step.


Ok thanks, I’ll give that a shot. Is there any way to set/change the filename for the .ics file now? Previously that was set in the Uploader - upload file action.