{Plugin} - Full Calendar Scheduler Suite

Hey all! I am happy to introduce the latest

FullCalendar Plugin on the market! I am hoping that this competes with what bubble has to offer and the others available.

More details will be released in the coming days along with more extensive documentation but to get you started Check out the Docs Here and a link to the editor and the live app. If you’d like to check out the plug-in before it’s available on the marketplace DM me the name of your app and I’ll get you added.

As a side note, this works very well with the TopCal plugin.

Complex Example

Complex editor - this is an example of setting up scheduling and blocking out times Calendly style

Send a url. Let the recipient pick a time to meet. That time is no longer available to others. The appointment is only visible to the person being scheduled with

Simpler Example

Simple editor

The Documentation

Looks nice on mobile but using bubble buttons w/ element actions can clean it up further.

This Plugin comes with an element specifically paired up with the TopCal Available Timeslots element. Using this allows you to easily produce calendar events that are the appropriate duration based on your desired appointment time. Read more about it here

Dynamic event text color is live. you can choose 2 colors (light and dark) and based on the darkness of the event, the text color will be one of your 2 choices!!


Excited for this one! :metal:

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Me too man! I just submitted for my updated elements/actions/and documentation.

I loved your plugin and wanted to see if i could make a calendar work nicely! Mission success!

Thanks for the feedback via DM. it was helpful i think. Switching to bound data really makes this a better element!

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This is the way! Making use of functionality that exists. Look forward to seeing more integration between plugins.


Thank’s for the compliment @eli, it means a lot! I liked @gf_wolfer’s attitude and the plugin is really dope! Just what many of us needed here. I plan to put together a nicer scheduling template soon that folks can use! I have one started already in the ‘complex’ example but it’s a little ugly imo


Great going! :+1:t2:


Thank you @cmarchan!! Next up will be adding:

  1. dynamic event text color based on darkness of the event (appears to be easier than presumed!)
    [Complete! the calendar will accept either a standard #hexVAL or rgb(1,2,3,4) for event color. then it magically decides whether to use your light or dark color of choice.

  2. then resource view
    (in progress)

  3. Dynamic time slot durations on calendar
    [complete but not live]

If you look a few posts below, you should see a time slots that are an hour and 10 minutes in duration

Completely agree and that’s why I’m happy to help support Jared and this plugin!

Unfortunately Bubble plugins are divided into silos. Partly because the setup of the marketplace and it’s incentives limit mutually beneficial collaboration. But also there seems to be a scarcity mindset around number of plugin customers, which is something I believe is changing with the growing number of Bubblers and no coders.

The worst part is it leads to a confusing/painful experience for some users to decide which plugin to buy and which one will still be supported in a year down the road. Hopefully we can find good ways to cross-over these plugins and inspire others to do the same!


Thanks you @gf_wolfer!! I can share the code for end date output via dm if you’re interested! But you make a good point here!

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We’re live today!

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I would like to offer this plug-in for free To about 10 people. Ideally what I am looking for are people who will install and fully test this plug-in and let me know about any issues they run into. I would also love to hear if there are any additions I could add to the plug-in to make it better.

For doing this testing and evaluation, I would grant free access to the plug-in forever. Are there any takers? If you’re interested leave a message here or in my DMs

Change any event property on the fly!

[be on the lookout for upcoming updates!]

secretly in the background, under layers of sweat and nerdom, BA Studios is adding in the resource/scheduler view to the FullCalendar Plugin. Check it out!

along with the ability to set any duration for timeslots on the calendar

i cant wait to release this. maybe 1 more week?

Bubble’s Full Calendar plugin?

adding this to the plugin i have on the marketplace

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Today we have added support for 66 languages along with allowing the user to control what time the calendar day starts and ends along with the timeslot duration!

Also, let the calendar pick your event text color now! Automagial event text colors are available too!

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 10.41.32 AM

read more about the calendar and it’s features here

I am thinking the next update will be the ability to use custom HTML inside of the calendar event instead of the standard display!!!
looks like fun!

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Using @evanlitttle’s model I set up a quick example of getting your google events into a fullCalendar plugin in your bubble app. The next update to the calendar will include these API calls in the package!

check out the example here


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Bring in the googles

I have just published the latest version of this plugin. Updates include:

  1. Select how far back you want to retrieve results
  2. Added the ability to easily incorporate your users google calendars and basic profile info!

Next up are the docs and finished working example.
Preview the feature here

Resource view almost ready!

get Yo CRUD on (Almost) with google calendar in bubble! Right now it’s read only

Below is a list of the latest data calls that I added to the plug-in. These do require a service account with Google which is incredibly easy and free to set up. Unfortunately although they work in the plugin. Builder, they aren’t working on the page. Only profile info, calendar events, and calendar colors for now. Still sorting out the rest

The last addition to this plug-in was an element that will position a pop-up based on where you click in the calendar. Presumably when you click in event in the calendar you’d like to see a pop out that shows more details about that event. I have put together a plug-in that will perfectly position an element wherever you click within the calendar so that your pop-up group is positioned with the event instead of in the middle of the screen or somewhere else. This is a dynamic solution and it moves around nicely. There’s also code to prevent going hiding behind either side of the screen

Google calendar crud action Is now possible.

This example demonstrates

  • Authenticating with your google calendar with Bubble
  • Displaying your google calendar events in a calendar in bubble
  • Create, Read, Update, and Delete calendar events
  • How to get event info out of FullCalendar
  • Using RG as an data source allowing to be able to call those data for later operations
    ** In this case, we use the index finder to extract data for each calendar event to display on the screen based on clicked events from the calendar (this wont have to happen forever)
  • How to make sure your calendar events are the same color as you expect. No more fixed color for google calendar events.



Works with recurrent events?

Not yet. I can look into adding the ability to modify recurring event series and to create recurring events. For now, events are modified independently.

It should display them, but you wouldn’t be able to move one and see the time change reflected for all in the series.

How would you imagine using recurring events @yorgio1024? That can help me plan out what may need to be added.

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