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[Plugin Announcement] Stripe Plugin v3

Possibly dumb questions en route…

  1. Is this a Free Bubble Plugin? (Apart from Stripe’s fees)
  2. Does it allow for Express Marketplace accounts? (Things like timed payouts)
  3. How does it compare to the Zeroqode Express plugin?

*I wasn’t able to easily identify which plugin this was in the plugin marketplace. If anyone could link to or screenshot would be awesome.

Hello @NoCodeNinja

  1. It is free as a plugin. Bubble will not charge your account for it.
  2. No. It only allows standard marketplace accounts.
  3. Some Stripe info like Stripe IDs, last 4 digits of a credit card, subscription statuses, etc etc is native to the current user object. Else you would have to get this info via webhooks or api calls. With any other plugin the info shows up as actions just like any other api call action. Other plugins like ZQ or NCV provide more marketplace functionality although Bubble’s is pretty robust.

All plugins have a “made by” info on the bottom area when you are reading what they do in the list that shows up when adding them to your application.

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Regarding “charge the current user” vs “charge a user using a saved CC” and tax rates… let me add some additional context around what is happening behind the scenes (I’m referencing V3 of our plugin which uses Stripe Checkout).

  • “Charge the current user” will open up a Stripe Checkout screen, using the API Create a Session which has a list of Line Items and those line items have tax rates that we can add
  • “Charge a User using saved CC” (In V3) uses the PaymentIntent API, and it is flagged as off_session

According to Stripe’s Tax API, Tax rates can be applied to Invoices, Subscriptions, and Checkout sessions, but not to Payment Intents.

I’m thinking one way we can make this behave like “charge a user using a saved CC” while adding tax rates is:

  • Add a new action to Create an Invoice, using the Create Invoice API
  • In this new API, checkbox for Charge Automatically, which we could make it “Finalize” the invoice, which in theory should let the invoice go out right away.

This isn’t exactly the same API as “charge a user using a saved CC”, but it’s one way I can think to work around the fact we can’t add Tax Rates there.

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Hi @tj-bubble ,

Your post is highly appreciated! Thanks for the transparency.

So you mean that it would be a possibility that you add the “create an invoice” to the bubble plugin? As I don’t see the possibility in it at the moment.

If that would be possible, that would be great!


cc @luke2

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That’s right, we will be adding this action soon’ish (if I had to guess, January some time). We might have to iterate on it to ensure it has all the fields that are necessary to solve for all the use cases.


Hi @tj-bubble ,

It looks like the action is added, but still lacks the ability to add tax rates, any chance you have a roadmap for that?


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Let me follow up with the product team to see when we can add that, we wanted to get the “Create Invoice” action out first and then add on tax rates in a follow up


Thanks for the follow-up !

cc @luke2

Just to clarify, when using “Create Invoice” action with Tax Rates, would it be most helpful to have the tax rates added to the individual Invoice Item(API here), which then should get applied when the invoice is finalized (which seems most flexible), or at the Invoice level (API here).

I’m leaning toward the Invoice Item, since that should solve most use cases and be more flexible, but want to make sure it would work in your case.


Yeah I agree

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@klaas.vanhoeck1 We just released the ability to add tax rates to Invoice Items (which should then apply on the Invoice).

Documentation is here: Stripe - Bubble Docs

You should see something like this in the “Create an invoice item” action now:

Let us know if this works for your use case!

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@luke2 I hope this works!

Are there plans to be able to update the Stripe subscription information? This plugin works great for new sites, but I can’t find a way to migrate off my other platform with it. There’s no way to associate an existing Stripe subscription with a user account as far as I can tell.

Hi there - thanks for flagging! You are correct in that the Bubble-built plugin does not currently support actions for users created on Stripe (but not in Bubble). We’re aware of this problem, and a more complete revamp of our Stripe plugin hopefully will come down the line where we will address this issue :slight_smile: In the meantime, a workaround you can do is use our API Connector to perform actions on Stripe users or access third-party built Stripe plugins.

yeah, I’m using stripe.js to do this now, but all my new signups will go through Bubble’s stripe plugin so I am maintaining a ‘legacy subscription’ mess so users can see all their previous invoices and stuff. Either way, my Stripe is going to be littered with duplicate customers and subscriptions unless I just scrap using Bubble’s plugin which sort of defeats the whole purpose of having something simple and elegant.

When you do the ‘Charge a User’ action in Stripe Check V3, it refreshes the page straight after? Is there a way to stop this?

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Hey guys,

I need some help about the Stripe plugin. After the user is charged, he is taken back to the same page he was accessing before going to the Stripe checkout. Apparently Stripe doesn’t allow me to redirect the user to another page (something like “Payment confirmed”) after the payment.
Is that correct?

We offer exams that users can take in order to get professional certifications, so the ideal workflow would be the following (each step is a different page):

the user sees the exam details page, with the exam price >> the user submits an official ID >> the user submits a photo >> the user goes to Stripe checkout >> the user goes to a payment confirmation page >> the user starts the exam.

However, I’m being forced by Stripe to take the user back to the photo submission page after the payment, which is a really bad user experience.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
Thanks in advance!

Can i use this plugin at the same time as other Stripe plugins (if I need other actions)? Will there be any conflict?

Hey @william8 , should be able to solve this by adding an action after the one that takes the user to Stripe checkout which re-directs to another page.

Basically we’re coming back from stripe and resuming the workflow that you are in, so adding a subsequent action should fix your use-case. Hopefully that helps!

I’m testing the plugin for the 1st time.
Works fine, but I noticed that there’s a page refresh when we are re-directed to the bubble app.
This unfortunately means that all custom states values defined before the payment are lost.
@tj-bubble can you confirm this?
Is there a workaround or I’ll have to save all of the values to the DB?

Thank you for your answer, and great job!