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🦎 [Plugin] CoinGecko - cryptocurrency stats API and tickers by EzCode

coingecko CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency data aggregation and tracking web site.

The plugin uses its API and ticker widget.

Load the latest price, logo or any other data for Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency.

API calls
  • Ping
    Check API server status
  • Coins - List
    You will get a list of all available coins on coingecko, it is recommended to save this list in your app to easily access it later, because this API call can take a while until the response will load as it contains a lot of data.
  • Coins - Markets
    Use this to obtain all the coins market data (price, market cap, volume)
  • Coins - ID
    Get current data (name, price, market, … including exchange tickers) for a coin.
  • Coins - ID Tickers
    Get coin tickers (paginated to 100 items)
  • Coins - ID History
    Get historical data (name, price, market, stats) at a given date for a coin
  • Exchanges - List all
    Use this to obtain all the markets’ id in order to make API calls
  • Exchange - Top 100 tickers
    Get exchange volume in BTC and tickers
  • Global data
    Get cryptocurrency global data
  • Global DEFI data
    Get Top 100 Cryptocurrency Global Eecentralized Finance(defi) data


  • Default Ticker
  • Price Chart
  • Heatmap
  • Converter
  • Price Marquee


Demo API:

Demo Tickers:

Demo editor:


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Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas.

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Question: I am looking to have real-time updates with the values. Are your APIs fetching and updating LIVE rates in real time? OR the updates happen only after a page reload/refresh ?

The data from the tickers is updating live rates.
The data that you need like MarketCap or Dominance is getting via API call on reload/refresh.
However you can do those API calls repetitively in Bubble workflow, like every minute or so.

Update v.1.1

New feature: added Date field (Optional) for all API calls, to dynamically update data without refreshing the page.

Insert the Current Date formatted as “Simplified extended ISO”. You can then use the Bubble Action “Display data” and call this API again with the date field.

Hi I love the plugin so far and I have a question. How can i personalize the chart, because right now it only display 1 day on the chart ?

Hello, that’s what I really want. Is it possible to get NFT top 100 list?
like this page : NFT 컬렉션 - 거래량 기준 | 코인게코

Currently this is limited by Coingecko and can’t be configured.

Use the API call called Markets, and in the category set “non-fungible-tokens-nft


We will add an additional API call to extract all possible categories.

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I subscribed it. But it was not.
The way you did shows Coins which is dealing NFT, not NFT itself…
What I want to do is showing NFT rank.
Check my below link
what this plugin shows : 시가총액 기준 최고 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) 코인 - 코인게코
what I want : NFT 컬렉션 - 거래량 기준 | 코인게코

I wish there is a way. I really want this.

Then most likely it is not yet support in the API since it is in beta even on their page.