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Plugin for a news feed?

I looked through the plugins, couldn’t really find it.

But can someone tell me, how would i build a newsfeed like functionality.

So i have a message app, but it’s working more like emails.

What i want is for the message to show up in like a feed the users current messages to all the different people

So he can just message from there to his current contacts, and view them all in a feed showing all his send and received messages together in one facebook like stream, or twitter like functionalty or newgator like functionality.


This isn’t so much of a plugin. Rather, it is something that you would achieve by using a repeating group and creating objects in the database that satisfy those criteria.

View the “Display data in a repeating group” tutorial video.

Also, see the Manual on repeating groups.

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Thanks Ive worked with repeating elements and done allot with them, i agree they will be used but I think it’s allot more to it than that and was hoping for some overall guidance on how to build it

If I were to design a news feed, it pretty much would be a repeating group with a single article in each cell.

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Agreed. I’ve built several news feeds / notification centers. Repeating group is the way to go.

I’ve experimented with different object types (ie. for pictures, for text-based items, for events, etc) and it’s worked very well.

We have developed something like this on Please check it out :slight_smile:


Maybe I should make it clearer.
What I’m after is an activity feed.

So whatever a user does in my site (eg send someone a message or post), then he can view that in his activity feed

Conceptually, there is no difference between an activity feed and a news feed. The former is generated when actions by the user are taken and the latter when users publish information. Both rely on content that is displayed in reverse chronological order.

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