Idea: Add to speed up repeating groups / feeds

We’ve looked at setting up for our web app and have decided to hold off for now, but I can imagine it’d be really useful for a lot of apps because it, essentially, provides highly performant feeds which we could use to replace slow repeating groups.

Additionally, they make it easy to update activity feeds in real-time, produce feeds that are based on algorithms (like Quora and Facebook’s main feeds do), create feeds that include multiple categories of things, etc.

Since feeds are the core of many apps, it seems like it could be highly valuable for anyone looking to move beyond a prototype and into building/scaling their business on Bubble.

Just an idea. Curious if anyone else would want something similar?


I took a look at when it was in beta… really good concept that I can see a plugin being built for. Speed is always a limiting factor in bubble…especially with large amounts of info in repeating groups.

I also see many different use cases for this…in news feeds, notifications, comments, etc.

from the meta perspective, it would be nice if we had some of these "Widget type elements to drag into our apps…almost like turnkey solutions for the extensively common components that modern apps are built on.

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Thanks for the link @sridharan.s

Just took a look and seems interesting. I’m also not really convinced by the feed I build with repeating group…

But regarding getstream, I got the easiness/speed of post things to feed/notifications. But I’m not sure to understand how you would bring it back to bubble. With an API call presented to user under…a repeating group?
Am I missing something?

I’m mostly suggesting that this would be a feature Bubble could build and incorporate into their product. It could perhaps power repeating groups so that they load much more quickly, for example, and also be used for activity feeds (where real-time is important) and new feeds (where personalized calculations are important).

We have looked at it with the idea of loading the elements through the API. Seems like it’d be quick and can take care of some of the algorithmic optimizations we’re looking to do. That said, it’s a bit pricy for a single app to cover so it didn’t make sense for us at this time.

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I experimented some with outside of Bubble and it’s great for UX - you’re right, the price can be prohibitive, but at least there is a free tier to develop with. Getstream does for repeating groups/streams what Algolia does for search (another great integration I’m waiting on :wink: ). Have you experimented with making a plugin for getstream?

I’m also interested in bringing this concept into Bubble. There are many valuable use cases, especially given the fact that most of us would like to augment the repeating groups’ sluggishness whenever possible. Algolia + getstream + Bubble could make for some very wicked, production apps…


Can you plz tell that how to integrate getstream for news feed and notification and algolia for search with bubble

Yep, that would be great integration
@levon please save the day :slight_smile:

we’ll consider this :slight_smile:

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Anyone that made this integration?