Plugin For styling API response data text

Hello lovely people.
Bubble newbie here.

Can anyone help with a plugin which I can add as an action in a workflow to help format and style text data I am receiving from an external API?
To add more context to this, please find my steps below:

  • I am receiving text data from Open AI via the Open AI API call.

  • This text data will be displayed in Bubble in a text element

  • The text data received is around 400 words and I will like to format it as sections and with headers in bold and sections underlined ( generally make it look good )

All the above has been achieved except for the third stage.

Since this data is directly from a call via the Open AI, it is almost impossible to applying any markdown request as part of the API request.

Is there any plugin ( or alternative suggestions) I can add to the action workflow to make this happen before it gets displayed in the text element in Bubble?
Answer desperately needed.

Thanks ahead for your time.

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