[PLUGIN] Google Fonts Custom Text

Want to offer custom Google Fonts in your app for your user to choose from?

Want to let him put the page title with one font and the body text with another font without infinite conditionals for every font?

The Google Fonts Custom Text plugin allows you and your users to choose and customize which Google fonts they want in their text. All chosen fonts are loaded on demand and only the chosen one is registered on the page, not overloading your app at all!



9 dollars? are you crazy?

Why? I did not get your point.

I reached out with regard to extending the plugin to allow classes, but now it seems like the plugin has been taken down?
Did you remove the plugin?
Let me know

Yes, i deleted all my plugin and templates.

Tip: ask ChatGPT to make a Bubble.io plugin to add custom Google Fonts by ID and classes.