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[PLUGIN] - Google Maps Geometry/Drawing + W3W

So sorry to have let this thread lapse. Thank you! This should make it much easier to accomplish what I want, so thank you. That said, I’ve updated my copy of your plugin to the latest version, refreshed my editor and for some reason, I don’t see the new settings. Did you have to roll back the changes? Over the long-term, it would be great if these states updated whenever a polyline or polygon was moved, etc, but definitely not necessary now. I currently am using the Environment Variable plugin to bind shape coordinates to a variable that fires a workflow anytime those coordinates change and updates an associated record in my database.

Ok cool. Nope not rolled back the changes, maybe the editor needs a refresh. Is it the 2 drop-down options in the main element settings you’re not seeing? Or the states themselves? The states won’t appear until those drop-downs are filled in (I think). At some point I’ll hook them up to the other events which trigger when the cords get updated.

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Those drop downs are showing now! Must have just been a delay. Thank you.

Hi @pork1977gm

Thanls for adding this feature. I am unfortunatly still unable to get it to work the way I need it to.

I am able to get it to generate a list of addresses that fall within the polygon, but I can not then identify the database items that relate t those addresses.

Here is what I am trying to achieve:

I have a list of 20,000ish properties that are in a specific location. I am using a search, with a form I built to filter those properties and populate a repeating group. So for example, maybe I want to only show homes that are 3 to 4 bedrooms, and 2,000 to 3,000 sqft, with a 2 or 3 car garage.

Currenly my repeating group will respond to the search and only display the properties that match that criteria.

But now I also need to only show the properties that also fall within the polygon parameters, both in the repeating group as well as on the map.

Based on what you added to the plugin, do you think that should be possible?

Also, if it is possible, do you know of anyone I might be able to hire to help me get that set up?

Thanks for all your help!

Take a look at the update I’ve just pushed.

Both the client side and server side version of the “Contains” action now accepts a list of unique ID’s and when addresses are returned, so will the corresponding unique ID’s.


The above is the client side version of it, hopefully this will make things work for you.

Just make sure the list you supply for the addresses, is identical to the one for the ID’s. So, same order, same constraints, same everything. You just point one at the address and the other at the ID.

The “Addresses inside state” will have an extra field.



Hey @pork1977gm

Thank you very much for this! I think this is going to allow me to get the result I need.

Just a few other things this highlighted as I started looking into it…

  1. Do I have to use a list of addresses? Or can I use a list of latitudes and longitudes? The data I have automatically includes latitude and longitude, which I can use to create an address, but if I can just use latitude and longitude and cut out the extra step that would be cool

  2. Is there a way to show the “Delete shape” without showing the color palette?

  3. When the “Delete shape” button is clicked, is there a way to have it make a change to a database item? Currently, I am storing the polygon coordinates in the database so that I can have the map draw the polygon on page load, but when I delete the shape I need that database field to be cleared

Thank you for all the help, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!