[PLUGIN] How to sort a list by a computed value - sorting a Repeating Group by computed values in input fields

I have created the list sorter plugin that will sort a list by another list of computed values. This is useful in Repeating Groups where you want to sort by a computed value in an input field that is not stored in the database. An active example of this case can be found on the demo app: Binance-demo | Bubble Editor

I use this plugin in conjunction with the Repeating Group Tools (BDK) plugin which allows you to access data from a Repeating Group outside the repeating group. A detailed walkthrough of the plugin can be found at: https://youtu.be/eg-pXD4VIhM

If anyone has any questions let me know I am happy to help :slight_smile:

List Sorter Plugin\

To help with understanding, this is a brief visual representation of how this plugin works

It essentially takes one list (can be a data type containing multiple fields) and then sorts it by another numerical list. As you can see, both lists need to be the same length for this to work. At the time of writing, the plugin can currently only sort from lowest to highest or highest to lowest.


I take it that given it is dependent on the BDK plugin it has the same limitation, as in it can’t sort a paginated RG. The whole list to sort has to be visible on the page?

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It actually isn’t dependent on the bdk plugin, I just assumed most use cases would be using an RG and hadn’t considered that case. If you can provide the entire list to be sorted, and the numeric list by which you want to sort it, you do not need to use the bdk plugin. I will update the original description with an explanation of how the plugin works.

If you wanted to sort a paginated RG, you would have to find a way to generate both lists in total first, and then display this in the RG and paginate it if this makes sense? If you are trying to reference input fields in a paginated RG in pages that haven’t loaded yet, bubble has no way of accessing this data.

Hope that helps

It’s not possible to use this plugin in an repeating group grouped ?

Hi, no this wont work with the groupings as the grouping data type is not a data type you can send to a plugin unfortunately.