Sort repeating group from list of numbers in the user table

Hey! I’m building a site for a game and am working on the hiscores currently.

The game consists of multiple skills that are tracked. We’re currently storing all of them in number lists within the user account, rather than a separate data type for each skill, as there is over 20, and we’d need to do a field for level and a field of exp.

So, we’ve got, for example,

stat_levels → list of numbers
stat_exp → list of numbers

with each index corresponding.

For the hiscores, we have overall, as well as a separate for each skill, similar to how the game RuneScape has their hiscores.

Is there a way to sort a repeating group based on a specific index from a list of numbers?

For example:

User clicks to view the “Attack” hiscores table.

sent data to RG → Do search for (User) sort by (list of numbers item#1)

Is this possible?

If not, it should be added to functionality of repeating groups.

You can sort some list by some other arbitrary list with my List Shifter plugin. Some dude even made a pretty good video about that:

Yes! This is the way to go. But @alan.j.simeon, if you use this plugin, don’t forget about your karma. Free ain’t free unless you want bad karma.

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