Plugin HTML header not being loaded on app?


I’ve been maintaining a couple of plugins since 2020 and today a user came in with a supportcall that apparantly, on his app, the HTML header of my plugin is not loaded/injected at all.

Has anyone seen something similar?

I recall there’s an option somewhere to “not load external resources”, but i cannot find it anywhere (maybe i’m mistaken with another no-code platform?). Besides that i have no clue at all to what may be causing this.

Hoping to get some insights here.


Some visual:

This is his HTML header - the place where normally all plugin-headers go (as you can see the download.js is loaded which is part of another plugin). but besides that one, i’m missing the stuff from my plugin - and frankly, some other plugins as well.

Is the screenshot the html header section of the plugin in the editor or the html of the final page?

It’s the HTML of the final page (that the end users receives). In my plugin i basically have two tags which should have been there :slight_smile: in the aggregate

I just received word that uninstalling / reinstalling the plugin fixed the issue. Sounds like there’s a bug there.