Plugin idea: In-app announcements

For all you plugin authors, here’s an idea for one that would sell nicely for a relatively high price because the users who need it are in production with customers.


This is standard stuff to promote new-feature awareness, adoption, and user engagement in SaaS products.

I am going to build one myself, but if there were a good plugin, I’d jump at it.


  • Data type would be, for example, Announcement
    • Things: Text, Image (for screenshots for product announcements)
  • Multi-select for User roles who would get the announcements
  • functionality for the timing of delivery if a user hasn’t logged in and has a ‘queue’ of these they are going to be shown
  • you’d have to record whether a particular user had seen a particular announcement so maybe on the User type you’d have a list of announcements seen (hopefully wouldn’t get so big that it’s unwieldy).
  • maybe include a nice RG that could be a reusable element to embed on a page the user could get to if they remembered seeing an announcement. Like a changelog or feature announcements page on a support site.

Maybe this can’t be a plugin. I’m not a plugin author, so I don’t know!

You don’t need a plugin for that. This is something that can be done natively in pure Bubble.


I’ve built a system like this for one of my SaaS businesses that I used Bubble for. It can be done within Bubble with a little thinking. Happy to discuss offline.