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πŸ”” [NEW PLUGIN] Realtime Notification Inbox Feed + Multi-Channel Notifications


We’ve just released our Bubble plugin that helps you to add a beautiful, customizable notification inbox feed to your Bubble App. Also deliver notifications to app users via multiple channels like In-App, Push & Email, (SMS coming soon) using a single mail workflow action.


:point_right: Realtime notification feed for your app.

:point_right: Best for apps with user-to-user interactions like Social Networks, Project Management Tools, CRM etc.

:point_right: Supports multiple notification channels - In-App, Web Push, Email

:point_right: Connect your existing service providers like Mailgun, Sendgrid, SMTP

:point_right: Allow users to set their notification preferences (coming soon)

Easy to Setup

1. Add the Realtime notification feed element

2. Add send notification action to your workflow

Marketplace -
Demo -
Website -

Feel free to post your questions, feedback, feature requests and issues :beetle: here.


[Update] - There was an overlay issue in mobile responsive view, which has been fixed now.

This is really useful. When will you ship notification settings feature? I’d be great if it can be added as an element.

We do not have an exact ETA as of now. Probably by first week of April.
But we do have the APIs with which you can quickly build a custom notification settings feature. You can read tutorial here -

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Hi @anand, thanks for creating this app. I’m finding that my notifications popup is appearing behind other elements on my page, even though I’ve placed my header reusable element as high as I possibly can in the element tree. β€˜Bring to front’ does nothing. How can I resolve this?

I saw that in another forum post, someone suggested replacing the element with a group, and then replacing it back again. However, I see no option to do this as the dropdown is empty.

Hi @anand. Any chance you could advise on this? Or anyone else?

Hey @robin.wyatt , sorry for the late response. Is the header a floating element? Could you try changing the z-index to β€œfloat above elements”.

Hi @anand. Thanks for getting back to me. No, it’s not a floating element. I adapted the header provided on the Bubble Boilerplate page and converted it to the new responsive engine. It’s a reusable element.

I’ve been looking for a good and yet simple notification system for my site. Hopefully this works for me!

I also want a way to send out a site-wide notification to every user like a site update for example. Would this work for that too?

I added the plugin as directed in the documentation.

I added this to my workflow to send the notification when a β€œLike” Icon is clicked. It isn’t sending a notification to the creator.

Hi @Vishera , Hope I solved your issue.

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[Update] Version 1.5.0 :partying_face:
Added support for sending notifications to multiple users.

Hi there

I am under my discovery phase of learning about push notifications. There does seem to be a lot of complexity around one signal and it not working I was wondering if this plugin is similar to one signal, and you can achieve the same outcome.

Any advice on push notifications would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards