[Plugin] NFC Scanner by EzCode

NFC Scanner

Read and Write on nearby NFC devices directly in the browser.

Currently supported only on Chrome for Android.

Read from and Write data to compatible NFC devices, e.g. NFC tags supporting NDEF

Demo: https://ezplugins-demo-3.bubbleapps.io/version-test/nfc_scanner
Marketplace: NFC Scanner Plugin | Bubble


any plans to bring this to IOS on safari?

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Hey @qmo , will be glad, but safary not provide that option :frowning:

Regards Pavel,

Hi @pavel ,

Is it possible to write link, instead of just text when writing the data?

Right now it’s coming out as text.



Is there a way to switch off the NFC scanner without refreshing the page?

Best regards.


Hey @aliukuki , it’s a text, so you can add a link too, so not really get a question

Hey @eric.nyaga , we checking this

Will back soon

hi @eazycode that’s not what that question means, of course you can add a link as a text.

What I meant was in many cases there are option to write a URL(link) which has a different action than when you write a text. see image here: