Plugin Not Showing

I installed a few plugins ( html2PDFrocket) and (Chat with visitors via Intercom).

Both show installed when I select plugins, but do not display in the design sidebar to add them to actual app.

Hey @geoffreycrowne :slight_smile: Certain plugins will appear on the sidebar if they involve elements, but those two plugins do not have a connected ‘element’ which appears on the sidebar.

For example, for the HTML2PDF plugin, the plugin actions will appear in the workflow actions (I created the button called “Button Generate PDF” using a regular button element):

For the Intercom plugin, the setup directions are:

Link: Intercom Plugin | Bubble

I personally haven’t used either of those plugins, so I’m not 100% sure how to get them running successfully, but this should allow you to get started with them! :slight_smile:

Thanks Faye! What about the NewAPI plugin? Can’t seem to find that one or get it to work.

No prob! :slight_smile: That one will show up as a type of data, and then for the data source of either groups or repeating groups you would select “Get Data from an External API” and two choices for the NewsAPI will appear. Then you can place different elements within the RG cells depending on how you want to display the data received from the API call:

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