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🔘 [Plugin] OpenSea SDK - by EzCode

Yes, I am aware of that. My worry is related to secondary royalties. I read that royalties aren’t cross-plateform. For example, if you use Rarible shared smart contract where you set your royalties %, whenever the NFT is sold on OpenSea, you won’t get any royalties.

I was thinking of using a service like to create my custom smart contract which would allow me to mint all my NFT under my own custom collection unlike the way it’s done currently as someone in Rarible plugin forum pointed out, use your Rarible plugin to mint my NFT under my custom contract.

But I doubt that the royalties payement will be cross-platform even with my custom contract, especially since Opensea caps royalties at 10% VS Rarible at 30%.

What do you think would happen with a custom contract?

I don’t know how niftykit works, but, usually doing a custom smart contract is the best way, since you can set your own rules and any royalties you want directly in contract.

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Hi @ezdev , I see you have the ‘Get asset Events’ included in your plugin. When I test this API endpoint here on Opensea, I get an error 403 error. It seems that Cloudflare is restricting access, some guy in a forum suggested that this endpoint isn’t opened to the public yet.

Were you able to get a 200 status calling asset events with your plugin?

Interesting, it was opened at the stage of creating the plugin, I’ll remove it until they will open it again.

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Hi just to be sure i understand the functionality of Opensea SDK
We need to mint the NFT on Opensea website and then we can sell / transfert etc directly in our webapp, right?

Opensea SDK allows you to sell/bid/transfer but not minting.
For minting you can use the free plugin Rarible SDK

But if i mint on Rarible, how can i then sell in on Opensea? (Im on Polygon btw, not ETH)

In the end it doesn’t matter where do you mint, tokens are visible on all platforms, that’s the cool thing about NFTs, however Rarible doesn’t support Polygon at the moment.
So, in this case, you will need your own smart contract on Polygon and mint tokens using standard tools from the Web3 plugin.

So, just to be sure i have understood everyting, can i follow the below procedure?

• Mint my Polygon NFT directly on Opensea
• Make them available to view / sell / buy on my webapp thanks to Opensea SDK and Web3 Plugin

Am i right or am i missing anything?

Thanks for your help!

If you will mint it directly on Opensea, then yes, you can do everything else with the plugins directly in your app.

You can do tests on Rinkeby network firts :wink:

Ok its clear thanks , I wanted to try on Rinkeby but im struggling to have Faucet ETH so i’m working on Polygon as fees are very cheap

Just one last point, once I have minted my NFT on Opensea, how can i get all the info on my Webapp (ie IPFS, Description, Blockchain, owners (there is several owners as it is a ERC1155 Token) ? I have seen the “NFT Metadata” option on the Metamask Web3 plugin but I not sure i can get all the required data through it


Send me your wallet in PM, I’ll send you some test ETH.

The NFT Metadata is used to show the image, name and description.
To get owners you can use the Web3 plugin as well with action Read Contract, and use the smart contract functions that correspond to token type, for example ownerOf or something. like that.

Alternatively you can use OpenSea API or again, Rarible SDK but the Rarible is not available on Polygon network.

All your responses are very helpful, thanks. I will have a look at the Opensea API

So with Metamask Web3, once I have a specific contract / token ID, how can i interact with the SDK to have others info ?


Check demo page, there are a lot of example with each action :slight_smile: You will find there a link to app editor to see how it works from the inside.

Hey on the Opensea API, seems like it can only be used through ETH Mainnet and Web3 Metamask only with ERC721 Token . Is there a solution to interact with semi fungible token on Polygon?

Thanks for the feedback, I did a research and looks like Opensea API doesn’t support Polygon yet…
Regarding the ERC721, I’ll look into what’s the issue there, should work for both type of NFTs.
Anyway, you could use the Read Smart contract action in the meantime if you know what is this and how it works of course.

Hi All,

Hope you are well,

I am currently having an issue with OpenSea SDK/API

I will try to be clear on how my App is working but let me know if anything is unclear:

  1. I am saving some NFT on my database (only token contract / token id)
  2. On an User Page (each user has his Blockchain address saved on the database): I want to show all the NFTs of this user (Using Get Assets by Owners Assets API on a Repeting Group) IF this NFT is saved on my database

But I am quite struggling to do that as I don’t see a way to filter OpenSea API results

Is there a way to do that?


It’s ok i have found the answer, i will not remove my message in case someone has the same issue:

In the repeting group data source you can filter Opensea api data with the function :filtered


Then you just need to filter Opensea Token ID Result with your database element


Hope this will help someone

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can I make the assets to be traded in my own currency (my contract)?

In theory yes, just use your contract address.
Do some tests on rinkeby network first.