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walletconnect WalletConnect - Connect to any Web3 wallet

What is WalletConnect

WalletConnect is an open protocol to communicate securely between Wallets and Dapps (Web3 Apps). The protocol establishes a remote connection between two apps and/or devices using a Bridge server to relay payloads.

WalletConnect is built into more than 75 leading Web3 wallets such as TrustSwap, Cryptocom, Ledger Live, 1inch Wallet, MetaMask etc.


  • Connect to any Web3 wallet
  • Get connected Chain ID
  • Detect chain change
  • Sign a message
  • Supports any chain like Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot etc.

How to test

You can open this page on a mobile phone, and use it as a test wallet to connect to our demo page or to your app.

Demo: https://ezplugins-demo-3.bubbleapps.io/version-test/walletconnect
Marketplace: WalletConnect PRO Plugin | Bubble


Keep up the great work!

I’m a bit new to the crypto world and making an app that allows users to sign up to our bubble app, connect their wallets and then send/receive crypto.

If User A signs up to bubble, they can connect their wallet using this plugin.

If User A wants to send some crypto coins to User B, how would they do it?
They would need to see each others public wallet addresses which can be saved in bubble and displayed. But how would the actual transfer of a coin from one wallet to another wallet be triggered?
(The coin would be on the Ethereum blockchain (some random coin, not ETH itself)


Hi there,

This can be done using our web3 plugin, it has a Send any token to an address function. You can find in the description a few demo pages with examples of how you can do this or other functions. Really simple to integrate.

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Hi ! Is there a way to make this plugin working with Opensea SDK to buy / transfert NFT ?

Hi! Yes of course, the plugin will be mainly used for connection the wallet, the buy, sell or transfer NFT will be made through Opensea plugin.

Hi ! On desktop, is there a way to change the connection ways without QR Code (i wanted to have Metamask in the list)


The main idea of this plugin (and of WalletConnect service) is to use it through your mobile device, if you want the Metamask from browser as usual, use the other plugin, Web3 and Metamask.
Usually, Dapps shows different ways to connect for user, for instance, Metamask or WalletConnect (separately), so, ideally you would use both plugins for best experience.

All clear, will do that! Thanks

Update v1.1

New feature: Get balance of ERC20 token

Added in demo page

Update v.1.2

New feature: Send ERC20 and Native token

Added an example in the demo page.

I have the same question but regarding the “more than 75 leading Web3 wallets such as TrustSwap, Cryptocom, Ledger Live, 1inch Wallet, MetaMask etc.” that the description says. Is it possible to choose out of any of these wallets?

Any modern web3 wallet has a feature to scan QR Code to connect, even MetaMask on mobile. So, you can connect your mobile MetaMask wallet by scanning QR Code from the WalletConnect.
So, yes, any of these wallets, you don’t have to manually select them from the list. Just use your wallet to scan the QR Code and that’s it.

Hey I am getting the error below when I attempt to connect my wallet
Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 10.58.52 PM

Here is the debugger message as well,

Make sure that the plugin element is not inside a hidden group or popup, place it on the page directly.

I’ve done that and still get the same error unfortunately.

Send me a link to your app in this case. Send it in PM

Just sent a message, thanks!

Update v.1.3

Interact with Smart Contracts (Read/Write)

New actions:

  • Smart Contract Read
  • Smart Contract Write

New Events

  • Contract Read successfully
  • Contract Wrote successfully

New State:

  • Contract Read Result


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how does the pop show that it has the QR code when you click connect ? i cant see it as a pop element or in workflow.