Plugin or element editor collapsable sections

When you create a plugin and need to add quite a lot of field to be filled within the plugin/element editor, taht leads to have a very high plugin/element editor that could also be not very quick to be interpreted when one wants to use that plugin/element.
I was guessing if there is a way to:

  • group field relative to a particular plugin feature;
  • make that group collapsible/expandable, so that fields are shown/hidden upon the user needs or not to fill them

Thank you!

My understanding is that unfortunately you can’t do this things currently.
All the fields are visible and displayed one after the other. You can only set the order of the fields and add information fields in between to create a sense of group.

So, it looks that his time, unluckily, I was right…maybe a feature to request to the Bubble team.

Thank you, Mariano