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Plugin or other approach to create JQuery Spinner Component

I can pay via PayPal i also fave a account as an employer with references is that’s the way to go.

I need to find a way of getting a Jquery or similar spinner element/component into my app. Plugin Hack or whatever.

Similar to

If there is a way to do this in bubble… I am more than happy to pay for someone to explain this to me.

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Like this?

Exactly. is it possible to set a minimum and maximum value? Could you let me know a fee or cost?

yes it’s possible

Like that: ?

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Ok thanks if you mean creating this with custom state…i can do that. Maybe i should have been more explicit. In this example its option 2 i’m looking for which allows for. The value can be adjusted with the mouse wheel. I’m pretty sure this is not possible in native bubble and would require a plugin development.