Intercom Complete API + Chat

The intercom API developed by No-Code Venture is the most complete version of any Intercom plugin available on the Bubble eco-system.

I spent about 5-6 hours putting this together so I hope you guys like it :sweat_smile:

Plugin page:


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Docs: Intercom API - No-Code Venture

:arrow_right: Intercom Chat for Visitors

:arrow_right: Intercom Chat for Company Users

:arrow_right: Intercom Chat for Logged In Users

:arrow_right: Intercom Chat Hide/Show

:arrow_right: Create Contacts

:arrow_right: Retrieve a Contact

:arrow_right: Update a Contact

:arrow_right: Delete a Contact

:arrow_right: Archive a Contact

:arrow_right: Unarchive a Contact

:arrow_right: Merge two contacts

:arrow_right: List attached companies (DATA & ACTION)

:arrow_right: List attached tags (DATA & ACTION)

:arrow_right: List attached segments (DATA & ACTION)

:arrow_right: Create or update a Company

:arrow_right: Attach a Contact to Company

:arrow_right: Detach a Contact from Company

:arrow_right: Retrieve a Company (DATA & ACTION)

:arrow_right: Delete a Company

:arrow_right: Create a note

:arrow_right: List all Admins (DATA & ACTION)

:arrow_right: List all Notes (DATA & ACTION)

:arrow_right: Detach a Contact from Company

:arrow_right: Retrieve an Admin (DATA & ACTION)

:arrow_right: Set an admin to away

:arrow_right: Retrieve a team (DATA & ACTION)

:arrow_right: Counts - App Total

:arrow_right: Counts - Conversations

:arrow_right: Counts - Admin Conversations

:arrow_right: Counts - Segment/Tag

:arrow_right: Create an article

:arrow_right: Update an article

:arrow_right: List all articles (DATA & ACTION)

:arrow_right: Create a collection

:arrow_right: List all collections (DATA & ACTION)

:arrow_right: Update a Collection

:arrow_right: CSS properties for Chat Alignment and Padding


Nice work, congratulations. Personally though, I would never use Intercom as I find them ridiculously over-priced


You’ll be amazed at how many features Intercom has to ensure a succesful customer support. That said, I do agree it’s more suitable for companies with revenue.


Expensive yes. Dope, also a yes.

This plugin = dope

I’ll stick to crisp chat for now. When I ever get successful, I’d for sure use this plugin

Solid work!


You gave us another option @nocodeventure this is great! When an app generates enough revenue to use IC’s functionality is a no-brainer. It would take the load off messaging functionality and liberate that processing juice for other app functions. :+1:t2:

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Thanks a lot everyone, you too @cmarchan


  • Added CSS properties for alignment and padding

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Are there any cons to using this method instead of integrating Intercom with Google Tag Manager?

No there isn’t, feel free to use the Google tag manager :wink:

This sounds way easier - just wanted to be aware of any hang ups ahead of time.

Hi @nocodeventure ! This looks great. Been using the copilot plugin and it gives me very limited options (granted, it’s free!). Will be playing with yours - looking forward to it!

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I appreciate it, feel free to let me know if you think something is missing in the API.

Hey there - just FYI the User Chat works well, but User Company Chat appears to be broken!

Alright, will test and see later today. Thanks for mentioning. Can you perhaps share a screenshot of your workflow?

Please see the demo page referenced below. I have no issues creating a company chat.

Editor: Nocodeventure-plugins | Bubble Editor

Hey thanks again - quick Q - how hard would it be to enable adding additional custom fields to this plugin? We have a bunch of custom fields we need to include, so I ended up using custom HTML, but I’d much rather use your plug in if there were a way to add additional custom fields to the company chat!

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Which ones? You can also send a PM.

OK will do!

New update

  • Ability to shutdown chat and messenger screen
  • Ability to display Messages list
  • Ability to create your own custom code using JavaScript
  • Search query, useful to find data @jacob.b.singer, see the url below for some of the possibilities.

@jacob.b.singer You can use the api post call to use the search query api to find the user based on it’s external id assigned when creating the chat. When creating a new chat, the user is assigned an external id, assuming you’ve assigned one when creating the chat.

Awesome update! Is it possible to add in the created_at attribute from Javascript API: Attributes & Objects please?