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📝 [PLUGIN] Rich Text Editor like Medium

@BubbleSam Can I DM you?

Sure, anytime!

Hi @BubbleSam does that mean if i’m currently using Bubble’s Rich Text Editor, I can’t easily switch to yours?

Yes, the migration between from Bubble’s editor shouldn’t be painful :wink:

Thanks for the plugin but could you please make it to work in popups too? Now the editor button bar stays under the popup window making it impossible to use.

Also there is a text “Type your text” when cleaning the field. How could I translate or remove this as it’s not nice to have english text messed with local?

Hi @jaakko , could you please make a simple demo page reproducing the issue?
It’s probably easy to fix with some custom css

The plugin looks awesome! Going to buy it.
Could you please clarify a few moments:

  • How does the current version save images?
  • I’m applying styles to ZQ rich text editor by adding CSS into the header- is it possible for your plugin?
  • Output is HTML, am I right?
  • And do the plugin has some problem with dynamic content? I’m going to use it for my blog feature.
    Sorry for a lot of questions but I was struggling so much with different RTE

Hi @vasilina.leushina ,

Thank you for your interest in our plugin! :slight_smile:

  • You should provide an image url, so it should be already hosted.
  • Yes, it’s possible to add custom CSS.
  • Yes, the output is HTML and it’s available in the plugin.Content state.
  • Which kind of problems with dynamic content you are thinking of?
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Thank you for the answer!
I’m using ZQ RTE and it has the problem with dynamic content - when the content is changed and the changes are saved into a database, the cursor jumps at the start of the text.
Does it apply to your plugin?

And 2 more questions, sorry-sorry!

  1. Do you have any plans to add the ability to upload images as Bubble RTE does?
  2. Is it possible for the current version to “copy and paste” images from other websites?

Hi @vasilina.leushina ,

  1. Nope, this won’t be technically possible unfortunately
  2. You should copy the images manually.

I think the best you can do is to subscribe for 1 day and test all the features you’ll need :slight_smile:

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Seems like a great plugin. I just bought it but having trouble.

I have multiple bugs showing up (Safari and firefox):

  1. Sometimes it saves the html code (but not always)
  2. Sometimes it shows a big A strikethrough in grey on the screen (looks like if I start typing to soon after reloading the page)
  3. I cannot find " Content changed event is triggered. You can use it in your Workflow"
  4. If I create content directly in the database and then save the content via the workflow, the database entry value is empty again. So the workflow works fine but it just does not save the value.

!! If I test it on a simple test page it works fine.

What can be the problem here (I uninstalled the rich text editor of Bubble) ?

Just for the record. I use it as a rich text input field. What I am missing as feature:

Any comment?

Dear all, just bought the plugin and have two questions:

  1. how can I change or delete the placeholder text “Type your text”?
  2. How can I define that the height of the Element Textbox itself does not stretch to content when multiple linebreaks are entered?


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Hi Daniel,
I would say that both tasks could be solved using custom JS code (first task) and custom CSS code (second task)

Hey @BubbleSam and everybody!

I wonder if I can switch the widget in the readonly mode? There is no “disable input” option, so if there is any way to prevent users from editing the content?

Hi there,
Sorry for the late reply… I think you can either hide the plugin and replace it by a non-editable text element OR use a custom css/js snipper to disable it.

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Hi, I keep getting this error:

The plugin Rich Text Editor / Medium / element Medium Text Editor threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘replaceAll’)
at eval (PLUGIN_1621422273210x663707797524316200/Rich-Text-Editor-/-Medium-update–Medium-Text-Editor-.js:12:1323)
at (please report this to the plugin author)

Any ideas?

This is by far the best rich editor I have seen!
But I would love if there was an option to disable editing with conditions…
And autobinding would make it perfect :+1:
@BubbleSam do you think it would be possible to add these features? :pray:
Thank you