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[New Plugin] Notion-like Rich Text Editor

Hi all!

I’ve just released a new plugin called “Notion-like Rich Text Editor” that allows your users to build beautiful pages/blogs by creating and modifying blocks.
You can use your custom fonts, by simply remplacing it in the property editor of the EditorJS element.
It supports auto-binding, and brings with it a couple of blocks that I’ve listed just below :

Supported blocks :
:heavy_check_mark: Paragraphs
:heavy_check_mark: Headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6)
:heavy_check_mark: Tables
:heavy_check_mark: Images
:heavy_check_mark: Inline-code
:heavy_check_mark: Delimiters
:heavy_check_mark: Raw HTML
:heavy_check_mark: Numbered Lists
:heavy_check_mark: Embed Resources (iFrames)
:heavy_check_mark: Quotes
:heavy_check_mark: Checklists
:heavy_check_mark: Warnings

Here is an example :

If you’d like to take a look, here are the links :

:arrow_right: Demo / Preview : Notion-like Rich Text Editor
:arrow_right: Editor : Editor-js | Bubble Editor

You can also check the plugin page :
:arrow_right: Notion-like Rich Text Editor Plugin | Bubble

Happy bubbling!

PS : If you would like to see any additional features inside this plugin, feel free to ask here or by sending me an email at [email protected] :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

Just released a small update

  • Added a new action “Display Data” that allows you to dynamically update the Editor’s value.
  • The Editor was not able to take all the parent’s container width. It is now fixed.

Happy building! :slight_smile:

Bug fix:

It is now possible to use the Editor in different cells of a Repeating Group.

Whoa! This can definately be a game changer. Very nice plygin, can’t wait to try it out.

Suggestions (because we’re actually looking at how to build our own… “si tu veux, on peut en parler!”)

  • Right click : Popup (like TinyQ or Notion) to add custom format (color, background color, bold, italic, etc)
  • Right click : Possibility to add a button with a custom workflow (tag/mention a person, etc)
  • Possibility to add custom options with custom workflows under the + sign… (example : Make a button “Add a task” which will call a custom workflow depending on your needs.

Thanks man!
Sure, I’d like to “en parler avec toi!”

About the suggestions you figured out, they seems very pertinent.
The only difficulties I could encounter here is that they are very specific and are not included in the library I’m using to build this plugin. I’d have to code them by myself.
So it’s not impossible I do it in the future. If another people find an interest in those features, I’ll try to do it for sure!

This looks awesome!

Thanks man!


Hi everyone,

Just added a new tool in the Notion-like Rich Text Editor :

:white_check_mark: The Checkboxes are now available !

Have a look!

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New update 23/06/2022 :

  • Just added the “Quote” block to the Editor!

Is it possible to style the editor in any way? So have a different colour plus icon, etc

Hi Liam,
It is possible to edit the colors of the whole text, directly in the property editor where you define the font you want to use.
At the moment, it is not possible to edit it dynamically.
I’ll try to add a possibility to edit the color of a text via the inline-tool menu.
I’ll keep you updated! :slight_smile:

New update 24/06/2022

  • Just added “Warning” block to the Editor!

Feel free to suggest anything you would like to see in the Notion-like Rich Text Editor.


Great work again… Will soon need it.

Have you checked about the highlighter plugin and the link autocomplete?


Hi Future,
Thanks for replying and suggesting new features!
I’ll look into it, and probably and them during the week-end or next week.

Hey! This is a great plug in! I will try to use it this weekend.

Do you think you could add also an emoji function like in. Notion?
That would be great!

Hey @design.agx !
Thanks for suggesting new features and trying to make this plugin better with me.
I promise I’ll look into it during next week, and add it if it not requires too complex work.
I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

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New update 25/06/2022

  • Just added “Nested Bullet List” or “Nested Unordered List”. Before, only the Nested Numbered or Ordered lists were available.

Happy building !

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Could you make the + sign always display?

By the way, shouldn’t the block be red, and more like an alert?

I’ll try to take a look :eyes:

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