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๐Ÿ“ [PLUGIN] Rich Text Editor like Medium

The dead simple inline editor toolbar.

This plugin is a clone of inline editor toolbar.

:fire: Features:

  • 7 different themes
  • 25+ toolbar buttons
  • Extremely simple setup

As usual, all your feedbacks and feature requests are welcome! It will help a lot to improve the plugin!

:link: Demo | Editor

:link: Plugin Page:

:books: Full Description, Documentation & Screenshots


Just bought, looks awesome. The editor link wonโ€™t load though and says no permissions. I think that is wrong. How does the image into the text work Iโ€™d like to know that a bit more? Does the user choose a URL or is it directly uploading to our bubble app?


@BubbleSam, same here. Would it be possible to make the Editor accessible?

Iโ€™m sorry for that :grimacing: ! Just made it accessible!

In this version user should provide an image link to be able to insert it

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Hey @BubbleSam,

I was looking for a simple text editor, with flexibility on the text formatting options and that would allow to preventing users to change the font and font size.

You made it ! :rocket:

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Just playing with the demo on my mobile phone. The first text selection makes the toolbar appearing and Iโ€™m able to format the selected text. But then, a second selection does not make the toolbar appearing. I have to change the toolbar theme to make it appearing again (once).

Is it normal or can we have the toolbar appearing for each successive selection / formatting?

@BubbleSam, would it be accurate to assume your plugin doesnโ€™t offer Mediumโ€™s text highlighting feature that users can use to highlight text but not have any other interactive features?

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Thanks for reporting that! Iโ€™ve just tested it on an iPhone. It works but sometimes itโ€™s a bit tricky. I will try to find a solution asap!

Thatโ€™s right, this plugin is a Rich Text Editor. It doesnโ€™t have a highlighting feature.

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Thanks @BubbleSam
If it may help, my phone is running Android, and the issue is systematic, every time.

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I am having trouble changing the buttons on the menu. If I add different ones like bold, italic, underline, h2, h3, anchor, quote, image or even bold, italic, underline, h1, h2, h3, anchor, quote. If I preview it live, it wonโ€™t show these changes. Really need the image and other things to work.

Hi @stuart2 , Thank you for reporting this! It looks like I forgot to insert a couple of lines in the previous version :grimacing:

Could you please update the plugin to the latest version and try again?

Awesome thanks, got it working. Two other minor bugs I think I am experiencing.

  1. If I pre-populate the content from somewhere, it wonโ€™t show the field as having text until I edit it in any way. I cannot have a copy paste button until I edit it as it doesnโ€™t pick up anything to copy.
  2. It is giving whatever I put into it as a div wrap, If I am putting in text in paragraph wrap then it seems unnecessary to provide this div wrap but curious to see why you have that if it is for some purpose.

Hi @stuart2 ,
Sorry for the delayed response

Is it possible to create a demo page to let us understand better the issue?

Yes, the editor content is wrapped into a div. Does it cause any problem?

@BubbleSam, thanks for the reply. So your plugin doesnโ€™t support highlighting rich text? I ask because I know Bubbleโ€™s new RTE has a highlight feature:

Which plain text format does it use on the backend? Is it BB, Markdown, HTML, something else?

Hi @vovazk and thank you for your question!
Plugin uses HTML code.

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How can I display the edited text to match the style of rest of my website?

@BubbleSam Looks like one can use HTML element for displaying customized style and displaying output. I have tried the CSS styling for headings and it worked.

However, I do not know CSS and have had to google everything. Also, I am not sure if it will impact pageโ€™s loading speed. Any thoughts?

Would it be possible for you to add the CSS styling template for all the options so that everyone buying your plugin can customize its output to match their own website style?

Hi @SumitC ,
Thank you for your feedback!
Yes, something like this would be possible but only for some basic styles. Itโ€™s almost impossible to add (and hard to use) every possible style for every html tag that can be generated by the plugin.
The best way is still to use an HTML element to add custom styles.
But I will see what we can do in the next release.
Appreciate your feedback!