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๐Ÿ“ [PLUGIN] Rich Text Editor like Medium

The dead simple inline editor toolbar.

This plugin is a clone of inline editor toolbar.

:fire: Features:

  • 7 different themes
  • 25+ toolbar buttons
  • Extremely simple setup

As usual, all your feedbacks and feature requests are welcome! It will help a lot to improve the plugin!

:link: Demo | Editor

:link: Plugin Page:

:books: Full Description, Documentation & Screenshots


Just bought, looks awesome. The editor link wonโ€™t load though and says no permissions. I think that is wrong. How does the image into the text work Iโ€™d like to know that a bit more? Does the user choose a URL or is it directly uploading to our bubble app?


@BubbleSam, same here. Would it be possible to make the Editor accessible?

Iโ€™m sorry for that :grimacing: ! Just made it accessible!

In this version user should provide an image link to be able to insert it

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Hey @BubbleSam,

I was looking for a simple text editor, with flexibility on the text formatting options and that would allow to preventing users to change the font and font size.

You made it ! :rocket:

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Just playing with the demo on my mobile phone. The first text selection makes the toolbar appearing and Iโ€™m able to format the selected text. But then, a second selection does not make the toolbar appearing. I have to change the toolbar theme to make it appearing again (once).

Is it normal or can we have the toolbar appearing for each successive selection / formatting?

@BubbleSam, would it be accurate to assume your plugin doesnโ€™t offer Mediumโ€™s text highlighting feature that users can use to highlight text but not have any other interactive features?

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Thanks for reporting that! Iโ€™ve just tested it on an iPhone. It works but sometimes itโ€™s a bit tricky. I will try to find a solution asap!

Thatโ€™s right, this plugin is a Rich Text Editor. It doesnโ€™t have a highlighting feature.

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Thanks @BubbleSam
If it may help, my phone is running Android, and the issue is systematic, every time.

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I am having trouble changing the buttons on the menu. If I add different ones like bold, italic, underline, h2, h3, anchor, quote, image or even bold, italic, underline, h1, h2, h3, anchor, quote. If I preview it live, it wonโ€™t show these changes. Really need the image and other things to work.

Hi @stuart2 , Thank you for reporting this! It looks like I forgot to insert a couple of lines in the previous version :grimacing:

Could you please update the plugin to the latest version and try again?

Awesome thanks, got it working. Two other minor bugs I think I am experiencing.

  1. If I pre-populate the content from somewhere, it wonโ€™t show the field as having text until I edit it in any way. I cannot have a copy paste button until I edit it as it doesnโ€™t pick up anything to copy.
  2. It is giving whatever I put into it as a div wrap, If I am putting in text in paragraph wrap then it seems unnecessary to provide this div wrap but curious to see why you have that if it is for some purpose.

Hi @stuart2 ,
Sorry for the delayed response

Is it possible to create a demo page to let us understand better the issue?

Yes, the editor content is wrapped into a div. Does it cause any problem?

@BubbleSam, thanks for the reply. So your plugin doesnโ€™t support highlighting rich text? I ask because I know Bubbleโ€™s new RTE has a highlight feature:

Which plain text format does it use on the backend? Is it BB, Markdown, HTML, something else?

Hi @vovazk and thank you for your question!
Plugin uses HTML code.

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