Plugin(s) not loading in dev and live environments

This happened a few weeks back and I believe the CDN was down.

@neerja @emmanuel

This is the issue that happened before - Major CDN issue for plugins!

Adding the link here in case it’s the same issue this time around as well.

Yep all mine too…i now realise how much i rely on plugins…its all looking very sorry for itself. Status does not indicate an issue

I noticed the same too, I found ismobile plugin not loading.

Just realized this too.

Bubble is not loading the plugin files so it’s likely coming from the CDN.

Be sure to file a bug report so they see it quickly!

Here’s another screenshot of other plugins failing to load as well. It’s looking like the same issue as before and seems to be affecting multiple plugins in DEV and LIVE versions.

Logged one just now

@srinivas we’re looking into this

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@neerja I see that plugins I’m using are working in DEV now. But, still not loading in LIVE. Just reporting back as I see the progress in case that’s helpful.

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I believe this is happening with the Air Date/Time picker as well

Yes this has been happening for a few weeks (it’s a bit intermittent) and I filed a bug report with Bubble but not had a solution as yet.

@srinivas We pushed a fix. Please check.

@neerja it’s now working on both DEV and LIVE for me :+1:

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