Major outage with dependencies

Is anybody else seeing anything like the below with packages they bring in from elsewhere:

We’ve got 520’s all over the place for framework requests to completely unrelated sources.
Across Test and Production.


Just talking with another company in my workspace that runs on Bubble - same thing happened to them in Prod

+1 from us. Live and Dev lit up like it’s Christmas. Barely works currently.

We’re totally down :sob:

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obviously if you haven’t already: Support | Bubble


Hopefully they know about it already, but Bubble status page does not indicate so. I did indeed submit a report

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Same thing has happened with our app! None of the icons we use are displaying in the live version, and the app in both test and dev mode has slowed down.

I’ve submitted a bug report and included a reference to this thread

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Second this, featherIcons not displaying.

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To anyone who’s got the feather icons issue, if you go to Settings > SEO / metatags and then go to Script/meta tags in header and add the following:

<script src=""></script>

This should clear the issue.
The reference in the AirDev plug is dynamic - i.e. jsdelivr chooses which version to serve when you request it. Something in that chemistry is not working right now.
@tomajx @reuserapp

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After an improvement, this has just regressed again.
What are others seeing?

+1 on it happening again. Cleared up for a short while, but right back to the issues.

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Seeing this same issue on my calendar plugin. popper.js is not coming in it would seem. others are fine though

specifically getting tailwind and popper.min.js blocked

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 10.56.58 AM

Something is broken @bubble

Have got 10x this list.

I am also receiving messages with the same issue: [New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid - #651 by armcburn @bubble

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I hate to be that guy, but 2 hours in and Bubble’s status is still All systems operational with no update given out via their own feed / Slack etc.

If you have a production app but aren’t online right now you’re about to get caught unawares.

try grabbing your packages from. cloudflare or elsewhere. unpkg and bubble aren’t playing well today

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yes - definitely. I’m bringing them ‘local’ now

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All seemingly ok here now. Would love to get a post mortem on this issue and why the status page was useless :frowning:

The error disappeared a couple minutes ago. Will continue to monitor as it sounds like it resolved an hour ago but then came back.

Ok - finger unpointed at Bubble. This wasn’t them. Oops.
This was an issue with the unpkg CDN which stores lots of the resources that plugins etc. reference. There are widely reported CORS issues from builders across the webosphere.

As a next step I’m going to bring my resource dependencies off of unpkg / other cdns and host them on cloudfront via the Shared resources available in plugins.