Plugin + Server-side Action Developer Workflow?

Just curious how developers of plugins and server-side actions manage their code and do debugging. Apparently, plugins offer some level of integration with Github, but what’s the best practice for testing and deploying?

Of even more interest for a current project of mine are the new server-side actions. How would one go about debugging them? Also, can an external editor be used and then the code uploaded to Bubble? I don’t see much of anything in the docs when I search for “server-side actions”.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


Hey @sudsy

Great to read your post and not feel quite so alone as a newbie plugin writer! I started last week, and it is certainly a less clear path than doing normal graphical Bubble work.

I’m documenting everything I learn along the way, so you may well find my tips useful… there is a link to them below. It would be great to learn from what you pick up along the way too!

Happy Coding, :slight_smile: