Run_server debugging tools

Hi, I’m coding a plugin that uses an External API which I would like to run Server Side in an Action.

My challenge is that I’m not sure how to do debugging. Normally if I was working in a pure node environment, I would use console.log() to see the objects that I’m dealing with. Can you please share your workflows for Debugging server side actions?


There is a longer post somewhere out here that describes this in more detail but basically the idea is to get as much code working as possible outside of Bubble (so in VS Code or something) and then port it over. The async methods are the main things that will bite you when bringing it over to Bubble.

Next, yes you can and should use console.log to debug but it is pretty much miserable because you can only see the log in the server logs section of your test app, the formatting is horrific (be sure to check the show console log checkbox under advanced options) and you have to wait for the logs to populate (you are going to be hitting refresh a lot).

The best we can offer is “Good Luck!”

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Hello @doug1 and welcome to Bubble.

The only way to debug the backend workflows is from the Bubble Logs tab. You can enable the Advanced option for more accuracy. You have to wait 10-15 seconds before pressing the Search button for Bubble to give access to the information.

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This will interest you as it is in-depth mostly due to it being an excerpt of a paid material, and I think that this one is what @bubble.trouble talked about:


@vini_brito thanks! Yes, that is the one I was referencing.

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