Plugin Submittted - What are the rules?

I’ve been submitting a plugin, MapQuest Icons. It contains only API calls, no JS content.

But it has been rejected twice again because, you say :
There is a console error on your demo page
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
Related to marketo.js

The error I see is on the provider’s page :

No critic ones. So I don’t see the point.

Does anyone know what should I do ? @Bubble can you clarify your rules for plugins ?

Can you supply a demo page that is a Bubble app you make, that uses the plugin?

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One route around this could be to host the JS script locally, within the plugin (dependent on MapQuests license)… this way, you might be able to locate the offending code and remove - it looks like some it’s some pretty non-critical calls that are causing the issue.

In the interest of plugin users who might get confused when they see error messages in their apps, we ask developers to address these issues. Let us know if there is something you need from our side as you work through potential solutions.

I actually can’t do anything. The demo age is not running on a bubble app. It is on the service itself (where the 404 errror is), since it’s the best to show :

The plugin should be demonstrated on a Bubble app, since the plugin will be used by Bubble app users and developers