[PLUGIN] Symmetric Encrypt & Decrypt

Symmetric key encryption. AES-256, which has a key length of 256 bits, supports the largest bit size and is practically unbreakable by brute force based on current computing power, making it the strongest encryption standard.

Supports up to 12 records at the same time along with optional independant encryption for each user.

Our plugin uses a secret key to ensure that the hash value can’t be reverted by anyone else obtaining the value :wink:

Please note: If you need more records send a message to me at mido@nocodeventure :wink:

Service URL: https://docs.nocodeventure.com/encrypt-and-decrypt-pro

Plugin link: https://bubble.io/plugin/symmetric-encrypt--decrypt-pro-1607629307010x588620654686240800


Good question. I just checked the codebase, that plugin only supports one string at the same time, which for performance or my personal use-case wasn’t realy helpful.

This plugin supports up to 12 records at the same time, it also uses a different dependancy ( cryptr) to handle the encryption, we use (aes256).

For other use-cases where users want to define their own key dynamically we also have two added action calls that support a dynamic passphrase.

To simplify the answer: ease of use :wink:

Let me know if you have further questions, I’d be happy to address it or modify the documentation to reflect this plugin’s use-case.

Sure you can, all roads lead to rome. I personally didn’t want to use multiple action workflows for my own use-case. As for the other calls, I also have a section in one of my apps where my end-users define their own passphrase for their ‘bucket’.

I do understand where you’re coming from, I will remove the Pro from the title :wink:

Any other feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks alex!

If you want to keep the “pro” title, make it work server side / backend workflow. I don’t think the other plugins support server side workflows.

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All of the mentioned plugins work server-side. The only difference for my version is the added dynamic fields along with a dynamic passphrase for certain use-cases.

Thanks though!

Hi all,

Just recorded a video explaining the difference here and why we found this version more practical for our application.

@alexreed92 Hope that explains it a bit more for you.


Hello @nocodeventure

Independent encryption for each user, great thing and nice videos.

suggestion: price for one time purchase.

small correction:


@J805 Here is the video about the dynamic passphrase :wink:



Does this work with a backend workflow ? I am unable to make it work, so I don’ think it does, but just to be sure, in case I am missing something ?

Thanks a lot,


Hi jeremy,

The plugin should work in the backend. If you can check your logs and see if there are any issues logged there, else kindly share more details on your configuration or pm me privately to have a second glance.


Thanks for quick response.

Here is what I wanted to do :
-Decrypt some encrypted data on server-side (using a backend workflow) and send it to front : I noticed it can sometimes take up to 3-5 sec to decrypt, when decrypting on frontside, which is not great for UX. I wanted to test if a decryptio nserver-side would speed things up.

Turns out you can’t send data to front when using a backend workflow without creating a Thing in the DB.

Do you have any advice to make things as smooth as possible for user when decrypting ?

Thanks a lot !


You could hit it from the api connector and return a response. Right?

Decrypting should be done using client side workflows. The workflow itself is triggered server-side.

I suggest you either record a video or message me privately to have a second look.

p.s You should also look into adding a loader when decrypting, that way the user experience is more pleasant as I know that server-side calls can take a few seconds when loading the first time .