[Plugin Update: 2021] TechBlocks Charts and Graphs (Chart.js)

@fp1 thanks for reaching out. Your current dynamic search doesn’t return zero’s for the months that don’t have values. You can try creating a RepeatingGroups with inputs that calculate each month’s $value and (where you will have zero’s for the empty months) and use the Advanced List Calculator / RepeatingGroup to Chart element in the plugin to pull those calculated values out of the chart so it can go into the plugin.

Let me know how that works for you!

Hi @bryan.holmes thanks for reaching out! As a part of the Bubble plugin marketplace terms and guidelines, plugin authors are asked to the following:

As a contributor on the Bubble Marketplace, it is your responsibility to offer assistance to users who have specific questions about your template or plugin. Therefore, please make sure you have added a Support email to your Seller Profile page.

The plugin at the version that you purchase it (and any version prior to that one) should be available to you as long as Bubble’s marketplace is up and running.

Hi @d.dominguezribeiro your value has a comma in it “69854,3802885799”. Once you remove the comma “,” character it should display correctly.

@contantestar – thanks for sharing that issue. I will look into it; can you please PM me a link to your editor so I can take a look?


Hi @alex4, would love to get some help on creating magic quadrants! I saw the linked resource for someone who asked the same question, but am struggling to figure out which graph I should use to set one up and label each quadrant. I don’t see a chart element labeled “magic quadrant” so I assume I have to create one using one using a different chart element? Thank you!

Take a look at the support documentation article here on how to create a 2x2 matrix or magic quadrant. Hopefully that helps–don’t hesitate to reach back out 2-by-2 Matrix Chart by TechBlocks