[PLUGIN UPDATE] Changing words effect just like at Bubble.io landing page

You can have the same effect as the main page of Bubble.io - changing words.

In this update I’ve added:

  • :art: Color setting for changing words
  • ⁋ Explicit line breaks to control typography — you can now set conditional to make sure your landing pops on every screen

:link: Plugin Page

:notes: Demo

:pencil2: Editor

Thanks, George!
Was not aware it’s possible!
With the plugin you can have animated text on the same line, you can add line breaks after or/and before animated words

I wonder what consumes more WUs here, plugin or your solution

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Both shouldn’t use WUs as they are both client side actions that don’t involve the server.

Animated text on the same line is a definite value add of your plugin!

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Thanks, George!

I can think of couple more benefits of plugin solution:

  • Line breaks can be set for small screens only and be gone for large ones with a conditional - as it was done on video above
  • You can control delay and duration of all animations from one place, without editing multiple separate custom events
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I’ll put this at the top of my post :slight_smile:

This isn’t that relevant because a simple hidden variable group (a group of type number set to X) can be used to set the delay/duration of all of the animations

I hope you don’t feel like I’m trying to dunk on your plugin - I am just trying to highlight what Bubble can do natively and highlight what a plugin does that native Bubble can’t (so that less experienced Bubblers can know when a plugin is actually adding value)

Well, you kind of did dunk on it :sweat_smile:
But I am not mad. I appreciate your replies.
I think there are people who will take your approach and those who will find value in using the plugin, I don’t think they are same exact people.

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C’mon, George, by all means post this as a tip on the forum if you are so inclined but why dunk on the guy’s plugin thread?


It’s relevant to the topic at hand. If a developer is charging for any plugin, it should be a value add.

If someone gets upset that I explain how to achieve something natively in Bubble, that’s because of one of the following (and I’m not saying any of these apply to this plugin!):

  1. The plugin isn’t actually a value add
  2. The plugin is a cash grab
  3. The person worked hard on it

The third one is the most reasonable reason… there’s nothing wrong with posting a plugin on a take it or leave it basis if it’s free but if you work hard on something that has no value-add then they won’t get much sympathy from me…

@madsaylor has explained the value add of his plugin which is good for specific use cases - now any visitor for the thread can make an informed decision about whether they use a plugin or do it natively :slight_smile: I understand where you’re coming from but more information about a specific need is always better than less from where I stand.

Nah, it’s bad form, my man. If someone builds something thats not useful for YOU then move on. I would guess there’s a lot of people it will be useful for.


Yes, but there’s equally a lot of people who wouldn’t need it but don’t know that it’s possible in native Bubble because they haven’t been around as long as people like yourself.

If my solution doesn’t work for them or they just prefer the plug-in route I’m not stopping them doing that.

I just believe in ensuring plug-in installers/buyers make an informed purchase decision.

Outside of Bubble, selling a plug-in that just does something you can do natively is no different to a dodgy tourist desks selling information that’s available for free next door (and that’s not a statement specifically for this plugin haha)

Sure. By all means, create your own post to teach people how to do it natively if you feel it’s your mission :wink: Doing it underneath someone else’s plugin post is not cool.

  • If a plugin really solves a problem, then people will ignore my reply, so no problem.

  • If the plugin is free, the developer doesn’t lose out anything, so no problem again.

  • If the plugin is paid and people implement my suggestion over the plugin, that’s because the plugin isn’t a value add and is, intentionally or unintentionally, a cash grab. That prevents a plugin developer preying on a moderately inexperienced Bubble developer for their money when the plugin isn’t even necessary.

The only people that lose out with me replying to a new plugin thread with a native alternative are plugin developers creating plugins that are paid and don’t add value and I don’t see why they shouldn’t lose out :man_shrugging:

For this plugin in particular, there’s a clear feature that can’t really be accomplished natively. I’ve already put that at the top of my own tip to give the creator credit where it’s due, and so that anyone passing by can decide which is the best route for them.

Obviously if I completely misunderstand a plugin or there a lot more use cases than I realise, that’s something I’m happy to be corrected on and to explicitly state, but the more relevant information a buyer can have, the better. This is coming from someone who paid for a Google Analytics tag plugin once upon a time…

Yeah, that was not cool at all. :roll_eyes: