Hero section w/automated word slider


Need help with animated slider words in a hero section.

For instance, a marketing hero section with the tag below but the words are interchanging:


Here’s another good example of what I need: https://hero-loop.webflow.io/


@wesendafrica Did you figure out a solution for this?

Maybe this could help? I just published this plugin. Still no documentation but an example is on the live page here

@robert @jared.gibb Thanks for your responses. I’ve not found a solution just yet.

@jared.gibb plugin isn’t quite what I need. I’m still searching.

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I want to say this can be achieved with custom states for each new word or phrase, but I wouldn’t know how to automate the change from word to word. Maybe someone can elaborate on whether a time limit can be added somehow to custom states

I couldn’t see your example. What would my plugin need to do differently for you?

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