Plugin Update: CSS Tools (Free Version)

I have updated CSS Tools,

What New:

  • You can now target ID’s & Classes. This means you can provide a class name and change multiple elements across element types and the same time with the one action. You need to be aware that this is in no way intended for beginners and randomly picking names or classes out of the debug console is not going end well. that being said backups are not just for backing up… there also for stuffing up, and learning something is better than running away.

  • As always dynamic is key, so most things are dynamic even if i don’t see a use case for it someone will. You will notice Unique Id’s on the elements, this is mainly for cases of repeating groups, See here

  • There is a new element, Find DAD… its bridges the gap between element and its parent. not its direct parent, not its invisible didnt know that was there parent containing parent but the container you place it on - eg. place it in a group, the actual group is the reference. What does the element do though? it allows you to ADD/REMOVE class names to the element without having any information about it. -


Just place any old values in the properties window, these will be removed next update and no longer reference the code at all…

The above is back in the picture so we can auto run the element as we cannot reference the element once the repeating group eats it… this way as your page loads the RG will get the class you put in the initial properties.

  • I will be removing the resize element action so this is your heads up if you would rather prepare than get caught when you update next, to resize instantly just use resize over time and set the time to 0.