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↔ Auto Adjust Width for RG cells - New Plugin from Zeroqode

This plugin allows repeating group cells dynamically adjust their width to their content so that it looks neat and stylish. As an example you might want to use this for displaying tags or for message bubbles in chat. Simply set a plugin element on the page, set the RG Id into it and here you go.

Live demo:

Auto Adjust Width for RG Cells | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode

No-Code App Plugins for Bubble | Zeroqode

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This is sick. Thanks Levon.

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Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 19.34.39

20$/month or 5$ once? just me ooor?
Also, looks like a bug when using long text it just get’s cut

You guys have done it again @levon ! What’s your secret?

Would the use of this plugin cause us to lose any functionality in terms of the group elements that are getting adjusted?

My first thought of how to utilize this would be for tags, and to have the ability to change the color of the tag on hover or press as well as use it to trigger a workflow action such as navigation.

Currently there are no plugins for tags that provide that type of functionality and the coded methods I know of don’t allow for it either (at least I can’t figure how to do it).

@levon Is line 51: “console.log(mutation);” in the update function of the plugin element commented out in the production version available for purchase?

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Thanks @shpak.serhiy fixed it :pray:

$20 once or $5/month :slight_smile: sorry for the confusion - fixed it already

we’ll check this out, thanks for reporting!

hey @boston85719 only the cell width should be affected by the plugin and nothing else

I’ll ask the team and get back to you

@alejandrowunderlich the secret is to constantly try solve user’s pain points :slight_smile: Glad we managed :pray:


@tomajx ,

We have fixed this issue, thanks for notifying us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for letting us know. This element was left in the plugin on occasion, but it does nothing at the moment. We have removed it.

Hope it helps. Regards,
Zeroqode Team

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Hey @boston85719

Making tags clickable and changing styles for hover/press is absolutely possible with code.

Not sure if my method is perfect for your use case but here are some examples of clickable tags.

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@levon I set mine up based on your demo, but it’s not working. (ID Attribute is enabled and linked to the RepeatingGroupDynamicWidthCells element that was installed.)

I can’t seem to find any clear documentation - can you help?

Andy’s code solution works well but if you want a plugin solution, the Smaal Tags plugin will do all this.


@lauren4 no worries, we’ll help you out with the plugin - I’ve created a ticket for the support team and you should hear from us soon. Meanwhile, if you could share some links, setup screenshots etc that would be very helpful

Hi @levon - appreciate the quick response!

Did you make changes to the plugin on your end? I just went to make a screen grab video for you, and they started working with no changes on my part. If so, thanks so much for deploying a quick fix. If that wasn’t you, I’m not sure what happened but I’m glad it resolved itself.

While I have your attention - is there any chance this plugin can be used to support images of varying width? Here’s a post I made the other day describing that need. I got your plugin for use with text tags as intended but thought it might provide me with a workaround to the image/grid width too.

Hi @lauren4,

Thanks for your feedback. We are glad it is working all well on your side too. Just let us know if you have any other troubles with the plugin.

Regarding this one, this plugin will not be helpful, unfortunately, because it provides you with a bit limited functionality in terms of the styling your grid.

But perhaps this one will be helpful:

You can try the demo app, and check its editor to see how it works.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

Hey there,

would it be possible to add the feature of centering the elements? You can see what I mean in the following screenshots. That would be great!

Right now:

The solution I need:


My second concern is that the plugin has problems when having a horizontal repeating group, because it adds white space at the end. You can see it here:

Hi @daviddr17, thanks for reaching out.

We will check how feasible it will be to add the requested feature to the future plugin update, thank you for suggesting it.

Unfortunately, this issue is related to the repeating group functionality on the Bubble platform.
In your case, the RG horizontal ordering should modify the width of the repeating groups, and the plugin is not able to do that, sorry for the inconvenience.
The plugin is designed to work and modify the height of the RG element and not the width. I’m afraid we can’t do much in this regard, sorry about that.

Hope it helps.


Zeroqode Support Team