Plugin works in test mode but fails once published

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has encountered this issue before because it’s got me stumped. I’ve got a new plugin I’ve written in the plugin builder. It works perfectly fine on my test app, but once I publish it (under private license) and authorize an app to use it, it won’t run at all, and in the console I get the message:

WARNING: Error parsing plugin code for update (My plugin). Please check undefined

I’m pretty certain there’s no parsing issues in the update function, and I’ve run it through a javascript linter to be sure with no issues. I’m definitely using the correct published version and it’s definitely unchanged from what the test app is using.

Anyone had this issue?

Ya what we noticed is sometimes the development testing gives different results than the published version. Double check your code as your trying to use a value that is undefined.

Ah, that’s interesting, how strange! I’ll double check my code, thanks :slight_smile:

Sorted. I ran it through a stricter linter and there were a few unnecessary semicolons. Took them out and it works fine now. Must be something to do with Automatic Semicolon Insertion. Guess I’d better tone down my fondness for semicolons :expressionless: