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Plugins, development and live Issues

Hi All

We have several custom plugins in our app and we have some very complex pages we have built.

They work fine in development version, but fail when going to live. So I have a few questions that hopefully folks that have gone live can address one or all…

  1. Does bubble use a javascript compiler on live runtime like babel or similar to improve performance of plugins (hence the warning on development servers). I am wondering if our plugin works fine as development but fails the compile for live test, and if so, might explain the SERVER 500 errors that tell us nothing but failure.
  2. How do you guys troubleshoot a page/plugin that only has errors when pushing out to live? Do you have to troubleshoot on your live instance?
  3. Do plugins have to be officially published versus testing mode when going to live?
  4. We have a lot of group by’s and complex queries on the page, delivering a lot of charts, which again works in development, but fails going live (see pic). Are their limits on live that do not show up in production?
  5. Is there a slack channel for advanced bubble plugin users? :slight_smile:



1 - Yes it’s compiled, but it’s compiled both for the app’s development and live environments. It is not compiled when you’re testing the plugin in the test app, but a plugin installed via the plugin list, even if private, is going to be compiled and cached.

2 - There shouldn’t be a difference from live to development environments. Try seeing if you’re confused about the app being a test app as in the point above as that could cause this.

3 - Got it, I really think you’re using the test app in production, which we have several warnings telling not to. Remove the app name from the “test app” field in the plugin editor and then publish the plugin as a private plugin and only then install it in the app. You’ll have to remake the workflow actions and elements using the “replace with” to replace the actions and elements with the properly installed plugin version’s actions and elements.

4 - Again, no difference between dev and live app environment, so fix the above and then see what happens.

5 - No, we’re not even that many, I think we’re less than 100 in the whole world.

Happy bubbling! :smile:


Thank you very much for the thorough response. We are going to go through it as you have said and will let you know the outcome or have more questions!



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hi Vini_brito,

We went through the plugins to insure they were all published and not in test mode. We still have the same problem.

Our main issue is how do we resolve a problem like this, where it works great in development version but fails when going live. Is there documentation or specs somewhere on what post processor or other process the plugin code goes through to live. Somehow must be a problem there.

Thanks again

I had a similar problem to this and it was driving me up the wall for sometime. Some of my actions were working in Dev but upon pushing to Live they just started throwing a bunch of ‘undefined’ errors when trying to invoke various methods on the element and I couldn’t work out why.

To resolve it, I just right clicked on the element, replaced with “the same element again” and then when I pushed to Live again, it kicked into gear and my actions started working.

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