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Plugins - event cannot access property

I am learning to use plugins. Below are the screenshots:

Page Load:

Clicking on button with action Bye:

The question is - why the property is first displayed normally and then undefined in the event?

When you create an action, it takes a separate set of inputs.

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Well, in plain words both custom states and events are just JavaScript functions getting argument and returning values?

So the argument is not defined… Is there any way for variables living during the time of life of plugin/application?

No. Events aren’t passed value for whatever reason (this would be nice to see in the future)

This is how you use the element to pass around variable values.

Otherwise all variables are scoped to the function in which they live.

You could also use window To pass data

These variables would live as long as the window is open

If you want variables that live longer, consider cookies.

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